George Harrison's 1970 triple-set album "All things Must Pass" is arguably one of the greatest Beatles solo albums of all time.  Despite that, it was one of the few Beatles albums that did not have a deluxe box treatment back then.

As reported by Variety however, the Capitol/UMe will bring an "All Things Must Pass 50th Anniversary Edition" in a variety of different formats in memory of the late Beatles singer and in celebration of the song's 50th anniversary, 

What's Inside the "All Things Must Pass 50th Anniversary Edition" Box?

As reported by Pitch Fork, the anniversary special features an "All things Must Pass: Uber Deluxe Edition which features a wooden box that includes the album itself along with dozens of outtakes and demos, books, piles of vinyl discs, and figurines of garden domes as seen in the cover. The box is a much awaited package dedicated to all vinyl enthusiasts, Beatles, and non-beatles fans. The discs come in a 2.2 sound surround, Dolby Atmos and a Blu-Ray. 

Harrison's demos for the album are also integrated in the set. 26 of them that have not been released to the public are also included. Some of it such as "Dehra Dun,"  "Cosmic Empire," "Sour Milk Sea," "Going Down to Golders Green," and "Mother Divine." The album is previewed with a previously unreleased take of the album's track "Run of the Mill."

However, unlike the original version, the special feature of "All Things Must Pass" will be a remix of original tapes from producer David Zonshine and music engineer Paul Hicks. This is also one of the opportunities that the hit album has missed back when it was released.

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Beatles' Harrison Would have Loved Hit Song's Upcoming Deluxe Box

Crafting the album was one of the highest peaks in Harrison's career. He collaborated with hit stars that were a craze such as Dave mason, Gary Wright, Bobby Keys, Bob Dylan, Eric Clapton and many others. The album, which comprised hit classics "What is Life" and "Beware of Darkness" was a pride and glory for the late singer.

The album was also curated just a few weeks after the famous boy band had split up. According to Variety, Harrison in his own words said, I had so many songs and I had so much energy." Harrison said. "For me to do my own album after all that - it was joyous. Dream of dreams." 

Whether the songs are anthems or laments or ballads, they're all gigantic, and it's a tour de force of Harrison's writing: Recorded just weeks after the Beatles split, it consists almost entirely of songs that had been passed over for inclusion on the Fab Four's albums in the preceding five years. "I had so many songs and I had so much energy." 

"For me to do my own album after all that - it was joyous. Dream of dreams.", he added,

The upcoming deluxe set is an homage not only for the late star and his remarkable music, but also his resilience and passion in his career, even towards his last days. He would have definitely loved the fact that an upcoming deluxe set with a remixed version of his hit album will be coming for the world to see.

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