Rihanna is still yet to release her highly-anticipated ninth album, aptly called "R9." While the fans have been waiting for two years now, they still have not lost hope in seeing it come into fruition. They should be excited, as rumors have it that it will feature a collab with another artist, A$AP Rocky.

Rihanna has regularly hinted that she's going to be back at the music scene in no time. Each time, the media has gobbled the hints and presented them for the fans to be excited over. Yet, "R9" still has no definite release date. 

This time though, the hint comes from a more definite voice - that of A$AP Rocky's.

Rumors about the "Good Girl Gone Bad" artist filming for a track with Rocky were circulating around the media for a while now and then suddenly, there is now a confirmation. 

According to the rapper himself, while on a cross-country road trip with Rihanna last summer, he was able to produce a new music for his upcoming album called "All Smiles."

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While it's for his album and not "R9," this still essentially means Rihanna can be heard again. 

It's not all talk. There are actual proofs and pictures.

Shots and videotapes have emerged to serve as evidence that the two have filmed in the Bronx of New York City. Both Rihanna and Rocky can be seen sporting several full summer sophistication getups. They're quite a colorful pair. 


This would not be the first time that the two collaborated with each other.

Back in 2011, the two engaged in their first collaboration for Rihanna's song "Cockiness."

In 2013, the two artists also filmed for Rocky's solo piece "Fashion Killa." Fans were even surprised when RiRi suddenly popped up on that music video. 

For those who do not know (which is quite impossible unless one lives in a cave), the two are actually now a couple. Reportedly, while shooting for the new song, the two did not shy away from PDAs.

In the presence of cameras, they hugged, they touched each other, and just stay close by each other's side. Footage and shots captured the couple hugging.

Constantly, they would have cute smiles in their faces, convincing eyewitnesses and the media that they are madly in love with each other at the moment.

Rocky, during an interview with GQ, made sure that readers would know that he's smitten with and that they are a serious item. 


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