What was Coldplay thinking? The band confuses fans with its latest decision. 

The band left their fans baffled because five out of 12 songs on their newest album only have emojis as titles. Were they too tired to think of appropriate titles? 

Made up of the members Chris Martin, Jonny Buckland, Guy Berryman, and Will Champion, the band is set to release "Music of the Spheres" on October 15.  

Before this anticipated launch, Chris and his fellow band members has posted about it on their Instagram with a handwritten note alongside an album trailer. The trailer features an animated cosmic journey through the album's planetary artwork plus short video clips of the 12 tracks included on the album

The band's note also revealed more clues that this album has a sci-fi theme. The phrase "Everyone is an alien somewhere," is particularly telling. 

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What feels alien to the band's fans however is that the album "Music of the Spheres" consists of 12 tracks, five of which are represented by just an emoji. Specifically, the titles are a Saturn emoji, a star, a heart, the earth and the infinity symbol.

Cute and new, but still quite weird for song titles. Fans cannot help but express their confusion and amazement.


One went to his social media and wrote. "Why Coldplay got emojis on their tracks as song names, what am I supposed to call them?" 

Another wittingly wrote, "five of these album tracks have emojis for titles??? Nah Coldplay really out-Coldplayed themselves this time." 

Another joked, "Half the tracklist is just emojis wow maybe Coldplay were secretly gen z all along."

It's not surprising though that the new album would have cosmic connotations, even though the choices for titles are still quite surprising.

It can be recalled how Chris recently said his band's new material was inspired by "Star Wars."

According to Martin, as he watched the movies, he was left pondering what kind of music on other planets would sound like. 

As he guested on "The Zach Sang Show" he said: "One time I was watching Star Wars and they had the scene with the Cantina band right? And I was like: "I wonder what musicians are like across the universe?" and that led to this whole thing and now here we are," he explained. 

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