Drake and Kanye West will be battling it out in the charts next week. The so-called enemies have timed their respective albums to be dropped on the same day. Whether or not this was done deliberately, it does not matter. 

According to Radar Online, it has learned that the long-time rivals will be checking to see who truly has a greater following when they drop their newest albums on one same date.  

The outlet found out that even if Kanye plans to drop his already delayed "Donda" on August 6, Drake has no qualms to change the drop date for his "Certified Lover Boy." After all, fans have already been waiting for it to be launched in what seems like forever. 

If Ye does not delay, respective fans can see the twopossibly fighting once again. As long as it does not get personal, then it's all good.  But of course, with these two's past issues being personal as opposed to professional, that can be too much to ask for.

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It can be remembered that the Grammy winners' beef goes way back, mainly because there were strong rumors that Drake and Kanye's now ex, Kim Kardashian used to hook up. Kanye West and Kim Kardashian are now on their way to getting a divorce, so this old beef might not even be relevant anymore. Still, bad feelings do not just heal like that, especially between two guys.

Even though Kanye's now soon-to-be ex-wife denied the rumors at the time, it didn't help when Drake released his 2018 hit, "In My Feelings," implying all the rumors are true.Fans have speculated the "KiKi" the rapper referred to in the song was Kim. If fans can read between the lines, then so can Kanye. 

In addition, Nick Cannon added fuel to the fire as he implied that he knows more than anyone that indeed, the Kim/Drake hookup rumors are true. 

"There is something real personal Drake holds over that whole family. Like, y'all don't want me to let this out," Nick warned at the time. 

Kanye took the bait and fired back at both Nick and Drake afterwards. He did not even mince words.

"There would never be a drake without a Kanye," he alleged on Twitter.

Ye then made a reference to Cannon and the nasty rumors, releasing a warning, "Don't be making no suggestions like nobody f-ked my wife."


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