In one exclusive peek of Luke Bryan's docuseries, he and his wife, Caroline Bryan, talk about their first encounter. Fans won't believe what Caroline first noticed about Luke. 

For Luke, it was a case of 'love at first sight!' From the minute he met Caroline, Luke Bryan felt they were destined to be together. For Caroline however, the first thing she noticed was not what most girls noticed with their first meetup with their potential boyfriends. 

After earning a two-year degree, the country singer attended Georgia Southern University, where he met Caroline. Luke Bryan says he was able to "live the college experience, perform in a college band, and eventually, find the love of my life."

in this peek of "Luke Bryan: My Dirt Road Diary,"   Caroline recounts how she felt when she first saw Luke. The first night she met Luke was in college at a pub called Dina's, she recalls.

"It was a Thursday night," she said. I think it was my first real night out in college. I saw this character sitting across the bar. All I could see was white teeth."

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Luke allegedly had spotted a group of girls walk into the bar, which included Caroline. 


"He wouldn't come over and talk to me, so he sent a friend over. We finally met and I really honestly thought, 'What is this character?'" Caroline shares.

Luke admits he knew Caroline to be someone very special in his life right from the start.

 "It was just like love at first sight, college magic. It was pretty awesome," he said, almost gushing.

Caroline however as more serious in her answer, claiming she was not even looking for a boyfriend the time she met Luke. She however said she just couldn't resist Luke! 

The "Country Girl" singer and Caroline got married in 2006. They now share two kids, Bo and Tate. 

The two were certainly not immune to having ups and downs and even broken up in the past. However, in a new interview, Luke Bryan shared some tips on how to make a marriage last. One of them is letting each other have their own lives.

"I want us to be known as a family unit," he said/ "I also want her to be able to carve her own path and not feel like, just because she married some guy that somehow pulled off being a country singer that she's just 'tsunami-ed' by all of that," he added. 

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