Weverse officially revealed that the girls of BLACKPINK joins the fan community platform on August 2, at precisely 12nn KST, yet a surprising issue happened in the K-Pop community regarding their coming.

BLACKPINK appearing on Weverse was expected after HYBE, who's known for owning a part of YG Entertainment and the company of the world's biggest group, BTS, formed a strategic partnership earlier this year, 2020, according to this Rolling Stone.

At that time, the two companies decided that YG would launch a global membership business through Weverse, and HYBE would distribute records and music through YG Plus, a YG subsidiary.

The four-membered girl group, who made hits such as "As If It's Your Last" and "Lovesick Girls," are the third to join Weverse from YG Entertainment, following Treasure and I-KON.

The Glitch To Welcome BLACKPINK Weverse

As soon as the quartet joined Weverse, BTS Armys and more fandoms were confused.

According to this article, Jennie, who was the first to use the app by saying hello to Blinks, their fandom, old users from other fandoms were surprised about getting a notification from her.

While Blinks have much cause to be happy, fandoms of other groups are the ones talking about Blackpink.

It is known from the fans of BTS, Tomorrow X Together, Seventeen, and more, who were on the platform since its initial release that you will only be able to get notifications from the artists when you join their community.

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Numerous fandoms have also expressed their shock as to how they could get a notification from other artists quicker than those they applied to or not even getting one at all.


This event has caused a war between the Blinks and ARMYs as they get defensive over their idols, explaining who is at fault for the situation.

Weverse Responds Over Glitch

A few hours later, the official Weverse posted on their website with a statement explaining what happened on the same day.

The platform said, "On August 2, an error occurred, and some Weverse users who allowed the push notifications received notifications from a certain Weverse community that they did not join."

They also added that Weverse immediately corrected the system right after the error occurred, and the notifications system went back to normal."

"Once again, we are deeply regretful for causing inconveniences to our Weverse users, and we appreciate your understanding," they concluded.

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