A feud has been avoided. Nicki Minaj called out Jessie J's comments that there was no need to approach her to join "Bang Bang," because she personally asked to be part of it. Minaj said that is simply not true and for a while, people thought the two would get on fighting.

But Jessie J certainly made sure to avoid going down the road by simply apologizing for her error.

Jessie J knew that people were looking for her and Minaj to feud after Minaj's controversial statements, but the singer is not giving these people the satisfaction. First, she took to Instagram on Friday to share a slideshow of memes that poked fun at her, as well as her supposed feud with Minaj, as reported by ET Online.

"I respect you publicly being yourself @nickiminaj. 

So here I am being myself," the 33-year-old "Price Tag" singer started. 

The first meme that Jessie shared showed her during a performance of "Bang Bang" in 2015, jokingly and poorly lip syncing on stage during Minaj's verse on the song. Some fans this could already been a sign that she did not get along with Nicki. 


"This is a video of me back in 2015 on stage taking the piss out of myself which is basically an hour of my set," Jessie J wrote about this meme. "It was made into a meme about 2 weeks ago. Is that what this is really about? And where this weird energy between us began?... If we can't laugh in the lives we have been blessed with. What's the point. It really isn't that deep," she added.

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She then proceeded to the issue at hand - her blindly claiming Nicki Minaj just wanted to be part of the collaboration without being asked. Apart from saying she respects Nicki and then apologizing to Ariana Grande, she admitted to actually not knowing a lot of things about the hit song and its behind-the-scenes.

"From the moment I met you to now I have shown you nothing but love and gratitude for how f***ing blessed I was to have you and @arianagrande who btw wrote Bang Bang with the insanely talented Max Martin which I found out today. Jesus. What a day. Sorry Ari. I never knew. Wild," Jessie wrote in her caption. "I'm the first person to admit Bang Bang would NEVER have been what it was without you guys."

It can be recalled that Minaj did not take Jessie J's comments about her just asking to be part of the Bang Bang collaboration. Minaj was so genuine about how she handles things that she quickly tagged Jessie J on her social media (instead of the usual sarcastic remarks with no names mentioned that other artists like to do), to express her ire.

"Babe @JessieJ I didn't hear the song & ask 2get on it. The label asked me2get on it & paid me. How would I have heard the song? chiiille what am I the damn song monitor? Snoopin around for songs chile? This was said by another artist recently as well. Yallgotta stop LoveU," she wrote.

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