Billboard recently announced The Kid LAROI and Justin Bieber's "Stay" made it to the top of the Billboard Hot 100 chart. Amid the victory however, LAROI left an alarming announcement to his fans.

On Monday, the official Twitter account of Billboard released an updated chart with "Stay" as No.1, replacing last week's longest-running single "Butter" by BTS.

The rapper posted a lengthy message on Instagram saying, "First of all, thank you to every single one of you mfs for streaming, buying and supporting the f--ck out of this record & thank you to my brother," tagging his duo.

As he further stated, "This is not only a big moment for me, but a really big moment for Australia. growing up all I ever wanted to do was "make it big" in America and show everyone what we have to offer."

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The Kid LAROI Confirmed COVID Positive?

The teenage singer revealed shocking news regarding his COVID situation in the same Instagram post, which now re-edited. The post read that he had not been home because of COVID adding, "which I currently have rn and have been locked in a room for the past 7 days."

He quickly deleted that line in his IG caption. Still, if the news was accurate, it means he could have performed at Lollapalooza with Miley Cyrus while infected -- or he got contracted with it at the festival.

According to TMZ, during a live stream, LAROI said that he and her girlfriend, Katarina Deme, were in quarantine together as the two of them got infected. Later on, he appeared to get a live update that he was COVID-free.

This statement had a lot of fans confused.

The Kid LAROI And Justin Bieber On Hot 100

The Australian teen earned his first Hot 100 single and eight-track for Justin Bieber as "Stay" rose from four to one in its fourth week on the tally, per Billboard.

Not only that, but the song spent a second week atop the Billboard Global 200 chart, and LAROI became the first Australian-born solo male to top the Hot 100 since Rick Springfield's "Jessie's Girl" after 40 years.

Bieber shared his post on his Instagram Story and congratulated LAROI by saying, "Congrats bro thank you for allowing me to be a part of it. ur the one @thekidlaroi."

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