Following Stephen A Smith, Niall Horan, the second guest host, had a beautiful response from viewers as he took over "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" where he hilariously revealed the new name to "call" his fans.

The Irish singer-songwriter started off the show with a joke of mentioning his fans regarding his "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" guest hosting, which happened on Tuesday. The show even revealed a compilation of quote-tweets from fans that left their reactions in all-caps.

Alongside that, Horan talked about his fans, who he said are the best in the world, per this article.

But there's a problem he identified, and that is their official name for themselves. The "Flicker" singer came up with a pretty funny name for his fans that even got them laughing.

Niall Horan And The 'Horan Dogs'

"There's a few in the mix," Horan continued his monologue. "Some of you may know: 'Niall Nation.' There's some favorites. We got the 'Niallers.' But tonight- but tonight we're gonna settle this once and for all."

 The singer-songwriter concluded by saying, "From now on, my fans will be called...The Horan Dogs. There you have it. Yea, anyone who loves my music is a total Horan Dog." The live audience even left a tremendous response.

The monologue had some other fun bits, too, aside from calling out his fans' profanity-filled reaction to his guest-hosting and also joked with "Kimmel" sidekick Guillermo about being in a band together called Una Direción. Guillermo even declared himself as "A BIG HORN DOG."

As part of the show, he also took the Jonas brothers golfing since he's a big fan of the sport, but this time, with handicaps.

Niall also had a flirty talk with Lizzo and promoted her new single with Cardi B called "Rumours." And as the segment ended, the singers played a compatibility game and asked some spicy questions to each other.

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Niall Horan Fans Satisfied

Aside from Horan entertainingly opened the show, of course, the "Horan Dogs" never missed their chance on leaving reactions on Twitter regarding their "established" nickname.

There have been several Niall Horan dog edits spread on social media, which is not surprising anymore.


More have also responded that they are a proud #HoranDog on Twitter and this newly established name is revolutionary.


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