On Friday, classic rock superhero Neil Young posted a lengthy message on his website about cotton.

Devoid of any subliminal shots at Southern culture (and therefore unlikely to receive another diss track from Lynyrd Skynyrd), Young's message focused on the shirts he recently began giving to concertgoers.

"Your shirts' cotton is grown in the most earth friendly way," Young wrote. "Isn't it the best cotton you have ever felt?"

Talk about a loaded question. Young went on to enthusiastically list several facts about cotton and how it affects Mother Nature (ex. "2,7000 liters of water is used to grow the cotton for just 1 t-shirt!!!").

The shirts were given away for free during Young's most recent tour of Europe, which came after a successful Kickstarter fund to launch his new Pono Music device. The 68-year-old also recently announced another Kickstarter fund for his Rainforest Connection campaign.

While the new tour shirts were free, Young emphasized that "there is a catch."

That's right. Young hopes that when you wear the "PROTECT / EARTH" t-shirt, you will vow to "take a stand" for Earth in several ways. The most practical way appears to be your approach to laundry.

"75 to 80 percent of your garment's lifecycle impact [the sum of environmental impacts caused by a product's existence] comes from washing and drying," Young wrote. "Consider your laundry habits – they can multiply the benefits of organic cotton."

Honors system, guys.

Here are the remaining dates on Young's current international tour:

08/03: Stockholm, Sweden @ Music and Arts Festival
08/05: Lokeren, Belgium @ Lockeren Festival
08/07: Monte Carlo, Monaco @ Sporting Club
08/13: Raleigh, NC @ Walnut Creek Ampitheatre (Farm Aid)
10/05: Boston, MA @ Wang Theatre
10/06: Boston, MA @ Wang Theatre
10/08: Philadelphia, PA @ Academy of Music
10/09: Philadelphia, PA @ Academy of Music
10/25: Mountain View, CA @ Shoreline Ampitheater (Bridge School Benefit)
10/26: Mountain View, CA @ Shoreline Ampitheater (Bridge School Benefit)