Lady Gaga finally released the long-awaited "Dawn of Chromatica," the remix record of her sixth album featuring numerous hyper pop singers. After it came out, it received mixed reviews from critics and fans, and most of the comments were negative, especially on Arca's remix of "Rain On Me."

Fans took to Twitter to vent their dismay about the altered version of Gaga's collaboration with Ariana Grande.

"RAIN ON ME intro is giving kidz bops prechorus with the additional vocals aint it at all meh af," one fan criticized.

"the sample is absolutely not necessary and i don't like how the beat fastens by the first post-chorus and then goes back to the production of the first verse. it ruins the vibe. the second chorus is bad but from the bridge to the end the song is good," another fan wrote.

"sorry i dont really like the rain on me remix at all i just think it sounds bad its really discordant LMFAO 2/10 maybe i just don't get it but idk i wasn't a fan sorry to any arca fans," one tweeted.

Despite the bad reviews, other supporters liked the song's vibe as it features a blend of hyper pop mixed with tumultuous beats featuring the powerhouse vocals of Gaga and Grande.

Most Fans Didn't Understand The Concept of Experimental Music.

One fan explained why Arca did the unthinkable to the chart-topping track saying the Venezuelan pop star is an avant-garde electronic producer to turn down everyone's confusion. She previously worked in several critically-acclaimed albums by FKA Twigs and Björk.

The fan added, "Her sound is definitely not for everyone."

In addition, Arca also took to her Twitter account to share her sentiments over the remixed song she produced.

She mentioned that in the middle of the song, she added a sped-up rise of the song "Metelo, Sàcalo" by DJ Yirvin in which she sampled from.

"my remix of Rain on Me is out already- thanks to @ladygaga and @arianagrande for inviting me to do that remix. I have a lot of affection for that song for having given life and glitter to everyone during a hard moment of the lockdown in quarantine!" Arca wrote.

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'Dawn of Chromatica' Out Now

The long-awaited remix album features numerous pop stars from different genres. Pabllo Vittar, who appeared on "Fun Tonight," experimented the track with her tropical roots as she's from Brazil.

Rina Sawayama's "Fun Tonight" features her powerhouse ballad vocals mixed with electric guitar instruments as an ode to her genre.

Other artists featured on the album include Dorian Electra, Shygirl, Bree Runway, Charli XCX, LSDXOXO, CouCou Chloe, and more.

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