Former AOA member Kwon Mina broke her silence once again about the alleged bullying of Jimin to her and four other victims.

On her Instagram account, Mina shared a screenshot of one of her direct messages to someone, revealing the dark side of Jimin.

As translated by AllKPOP, Mina wrote that she will keep living and will not be scared of hate comments. She also assured she is determined to succeed after all the abuses she suffered from.

"I used to think losing patience is losing the battle but it was not true, at least to me. It became harder to revert and I was more frustrated. I might as well just live as my honest self. If you think I shouldn't because I'm a public figure or they won't treat me as a public figure, I am ready to let go of that," she went on.

The last message revealed shocking information about the incident, saying that the former AOA leader also bullied four other people, one of whom had already died.

Her new update came over a month after she attempted to commit suicide. The former girl group member was reportedly found unconscious at her apartment.

Mina was then rushed to the emergency room and received treatment for excessive bleeding. Hours before attempting to take her own life, she shared an update to her fans and apologized for making them worry.

Jimin Bullied Her Alone

Previously, Mina appeared on the September 1 video of Jum Jum TV on YouTube. At that time, she outed shocking revelations about her father's behavior toward her and her mother.

In another part of the interview, she added that Jimin constantly bullied her in the past years. This clarified the rumors that all AOA members bullied her.

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"I just wanted to be a celebrity and this was the first time I was a trainee so I thought it was normal. I thought they were just 'playing bully' but then I slowly realized this one person would only pick on me," she revealed.

Mina claimed that Jimin physically abused her as well after verbally abusing her. There were also times where she was assigned in front of the group while performing. After that, Jimin would always punch her and question why she was in the front of the group.

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