The long wait is over for BIGBANG fans, particularly US-based VIPs, as Daesung and TOP shared cryptic posts about their potential comeback.

The past months have been the most exciting on BIGBANG fans' part as the group members keep dropping hints about their return to the stage.

Most recently, Daesung and TOP simultaneously shared a mysterious post that led fans to theorize about their impending comeback.

On Monday, Daesung uploaded a new video on his YouTube channel. In one part of the video, he revealed that he is studying English. He also prepared English lessons and a copy of "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" book by Roald Dahl.

Fans immediately applauded him for working hard on improving his English skills. However, others speculated that this is part of their upcoming U.S. return.

TOP immediately poured more fuel to the speculations as he posted a photo with Josh Abraham, the American producer and CEO of Pulse Music Group.

According to the fans, the rapper met the acclaimed musician when he visited Los Angeles earlier this year. Abraham famously worked with A-listers over the past years, including Thirty Seconds to Mars, Kelly Clarkson, Shakira, Linkin Park, Adam Lambert, and Pink, among others.

AllKpop noted that a hint was also unleashed last month when he posed with Scott Storch.

While VIPs should take this with a grain of salt, it is worth noting that even BIGBANG leader G-Dragon hinted at their return.

BIGBANG Comeback Soon?

Before TOP and Daesung posted the aforesaid updates, BIGBANG leader G-Dragon already hinted at their return during his DAZED interview.

In April, G-Dragon joined DAZED KOREA pictorial as part of its 13th Anniversary Special Edition release. He stunned the 58-page of the magazine with his visuals, all while offering an update about the group's comeback.

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Per the leader, he started making new music for BIGBANG. He revealed that he started doing so after his discharge from mandatory military service.

"Rather than notes, I'm focusing a lot on music and working on BIGBANG stuff these days, so I look for music keywords related to that and write lyrics. Since that's how I spend my time, most of my notes are related to that," he said.

The fandom, of course, shared their excitement after reading the interview. VIPs particularly held a Twitter party to mark the return of G-Dragon and BIGBANG.

"Gdragon just spill the tea. Big bang will be having an album too! Omg back to back comeback from my fave groups in Kpop #BIGBANG #GDRAGONISCOMING," one said.


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