BLACKPINK's Lisa has always been known as the only member who always got bangs. But she ditched it for the first time since debuting in 2016.

The most-awaited debut of Lisa finally happened this month, following the solo careers of other group members, Rose and Jennie.

Though fans looked forward to her music, BLINKS never imagine the rapper and dancer to come out without her bangs for the first time. As for the reason why she chose to expose her forehead, the idol spoke candidly about it during her recent global press conference.

Why Lisa Removed Her Bangs For First Single Album 'LALISA'

On September 10, Lisa revealed the real reason why she opted to change her hairstyle after committing to her bangs for a very long time.

Per the Thai BLACKPINK member, she aimed to show a different side of her no one ever saw yet.

"I wanted to show a new image, so I took a big risk and went with a hair style that didn't include bangs. I don't think fans have ever seen my forehead without bangs before, so it'll be a surprise. I worked really hard for this album and also participated in the styling," she said.

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It was the first time she did not have bangs for a performance. However, it was not actually the first time she ever showed her forehead on TV. In 2018, she joined the Korean reality TV show "Real Man 300" where she and other celebrities experience life in the military.

At that time, she appeared with a hairstyle that brushed her bangs away from her face. She also hyped the fans once when she parted her bangs in the middle when she was on her way to China in 2020.

Most recently, she shared a video of herself cheering on James Rusameekae Fagerlund during his boxing match - to which the BLACKPINK member also exposed her forehead.

Lisa's move finally stopped everyone's query about why she never opted for a hairstyle that could show her forehead more often. Korean style consultant RareLee once explained that the K-pop idol probably wanted to leave people a concrete impression about her.

Though some people want to have bangs to hide their forehead, things are different on Lisa's part. For someone who has doll-like features like her, having that hairstyle highlights her beauty even more.

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