Stray Kids' Hyunjin personally set the record straight about his phone's wallpaper that reportedly appeared to be aespa's Karina.

This week, dating rumors about Hyunjin and Karina emerged as the Stray Kids member allegedly set the girl group member's photo as his phone wallpaper.

Although his phone was blurred on the shot, internet users speculated that it was Karina's photo. They also uploaded the alleged picture of Karina alongside the wallpaper to make a side-by-side comparison.

After the news broke, even more, Hyunjin himself debunked the claims and shared his real wallpaper.

Are Hyunjin, Karina Dating?

The 21-year-old singer immediately took to the Bubble app and personally shared the truth with his fans.

It turned out that the wallpaper is an illustration of a couple.

"My wallpaper," he wrote, as translated by AllKpop. He then added, "A sketch from all the feels after watching the drama."

After the truth came out, fans demanded those who spread rumors to apologize to Hyunjin. They explained that the singer had to share his wallpaper - which is supposed to be private - just to clarify things.

One fan said, "I want y'all to beg and apologize to hyunjin, bcos wtf bro.. he probably was forced to send the ss of his wallpaper just to confirm everything. It's his privacy and he didn't need to do that.."

"hyunjin really had to send a picture of his lockscreen because people wanted to try to start something from it. when will y'all finally leave him alone," another wrote.

It was not the first time the JYP Entertainment rapper had been embroiled in a dating talk, though.

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In November 2020, Channel 34 released an article about Hyunjin dating another K-pop idol Yang Jeongin. The news immediately spread online before multiple news outlets discovered that the website creates fake stories.

Despite that, internet users looked into the matter and found out that he has also been linked to several girl group members, including (G) I-DLE's Minnie.

But as of the writing, the Stray Kids member is not dating anyone, most probably because K-pop entertainments do not allow dating among its artists.

Aside from dating scandals, Hyunjin also got involved in a bullying issue when his former classmate disclosed the trauma he suffered because of the idol. Hyunjin has since apologized for the past incident.

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