Is BlackPink's Lisa a part-time professor when she's not busy performing?

A university lecturer in China went viral on Chinese social media platform Weibo for looking precisely like Lisa, a member of the famous Korean girl group.

Several reports said that the professor, who goes by Ms. Tang, teaches history at the Chongqing College of Mobile Telecommunications.

Since her resemblance is so similar to the 23-year-old pop idol, students who are big fans of Lisa, whose real name is Lisa Manoban, have started lining up in her class so they could get a seat in one of her lectures.

In fact, some students are reportedly very desperate to catch a glimpse of the singer's lookalike that they even resort to standing outside the classroom and watch her there.

But just how much does Ms. Tang resemble the famous Blackpink singer? Here's a picture of the professor in one of her classes.

Lisa Lookalike
(Photo : Weibo)

Social media users just couldn't get enough of the professor, with most of them clamoring to get more information about her.

Unluckily, it seems like Ms. Tang doesn't want to capitalize on her newfound fame.

A website reported that Ms. Tang didn't have many things to say about her sudden popularity. She even confessed to not expecting her pictures to go viral on her personal social media page.

Ms. Tang also reportedly asked her friends to stop sharing pictures of her and even sharing some of her private information.

Fortunately, her friends seem to have listened to her request because, at the moment, there is not much info on the professor who looks like the Blackpink singer.

The pictures that only show her are posted mainly by students at her university.

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Lisa Breaks Records For Most MV Views

Korean website Soompi reported that Lisa's music video for "Lalisa" broke the YouTube record for the solo artist with the most views in 24 hours.

The platform released the official count tally for the music video, claiming that within 24 hours of the music video release, it garnered over 73.6 million views.

The Blackpink member's music video set a new global record after surpassing the previous record set by Taylor Swift in 2019 for her song "ME!" which got 65.2 million views.

Lisa also became the fastest solo artist to reach 100 million views on YouTube.

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