Joey Jordison left memorable performances with different bands, one of which was with Metallica in 2004.

Months after Jordison shocked the world with his untimely death, Slipknot's frontman Corey Taylor paid tribute to him again and recalled the drummer's performance with Metallica.

Per Taylor, Jordison filled in for Lars Ulrich during his absence at Download Festival in 2004. Since the band grew up listening to Metallica, they reportedly felt surreal seeing their drummer performing with them.

The frontman then told how Jordison was extremely nervous at that time.

"I mean, he [had] his mask on, but every time he'd come back and he would pull his mask off, he would just be, like, 'How am I doing? How am I doing?' I'm, like, 'You're f-cking killing it,'" he recalled.

Taylor added that he, Paul, and Clown all stood there to cheer him on. Surprisingly, the band ended up playing songs that they failed to rehearse. As a result, the band threw misfits at him but would keep him all night if they could.

Despite the epic moment, the frontman regarded it as an amazing moment for the late drummer. For the band who sees Metallica as their biggest reflection and influence, having them sign Jordison indeed became a massive achievement for him.

For the last time, Metallica honored him by sharing a picture of James Hetfield with the drummer when he passed away.

Joey Jordison's Last Stint As Drummer

Before his death, he tragically left Slipknot in 2013 due to health reasons.

In 2016, he told the Metal Hammer Golden Gods Awards attendees that he got really sick due to transverse myelitis.

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"I couldn't play anymore. It was a form of multiple sclerosis, which I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy. I got myself back up, and I got myself in the gym and I got myself back in fucking therapy, to f--ng beat this shit," he exclaimed.

On July 26, the authorities found him unconscious days after losing contact with his family. According to reports, the drummer died peacefully in his sleep.

The law enforcement added that they immediately pronounced his death at the scene. Meanwhile, a leaked 911 call revealed that the late musician died days before he was discovered.

His ex-girlfriend reportedly came to his home to check on him after his family lost touch with him. After the call, the responders found his lifeless body inside his home.

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