Many mishaps could happen during a live event even though things were planned ahead of time. Organizers nor the headline act themselves couldn't predict if a riot would happen in the crowd; this occurred in Olivia Rodrigo's concert.

The chart-topping singer took over the world by storm with her hit tracks from her debut album "Sour,"; she recently headlined her first gig at the iHeartRadio Music Festival this weekend.

She performed a variety of her hit songs such as "Brutal," "Traitor," "Good 4 U," and more.

During her performance of the song "Drivers License," which debuted at number one when it was released in January, Rodrigo had no idea that a fight was happening just meters away from her.

In a video circulated on Twitter, first posted by @fww.shelll on TikTok, Rodrigo appears to be belting her song as two women punch each other. (watch the video below)

The two concertgoers appear to be arguing about something when suddenly, the woman wearing white threw a punch at a blonde girl.

A man wearing a printed polo was able to stop the feud between the two girls before the video cuts to a man singing.

They may have caused chaos among the crowd, but the man taking the video appears to be unbothered as he continues singing along Rodrigo's lines.

A kid was seen hugging the punched woman, but their relationship is unclear.

At the time of this writing, the cause of their disagreement was not determined. It is also unclear if security personnel was involved in the scene.

Fans React

After the video circulated online, fans took to Twitter to share their hilarious reactions.

"The fact a fight even broke out for an artist like Olivia Rodrigo is baffling me LMAOOO," one fan wrote.

"just realised that the fight at the olivia rodrigo show was between blonde and brunette women and it was during driver's license." another fan wrote.

"it's brutal out here," one tweeted, referencing Rodrigo's song "Brutal."

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Fans Fighting In Concerts

It is weird to see fans fighting among the crowd during a concert event, but it commonly happens.

In 2014, during Miley Cyrus' "Bangerz" tour in Detroit, Michigan, the singer noticed two women fighting amongst the crown, throwing swings at each other.

However, despite stopping her fans, the singer went on to get her phone and record it. She posted the video on Instagram.

Cyrus sounded excited at the time when she said, "I got it all on camera. It's gonna get so many views." (via Toronto Sun)

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