Lizzo showed her love to the group by showcasing her own rendition of the song "Butter" for BBC Radio 1's Live Lounge.

On September 23, Lizzo stopped by the radio show where she promoted her latest single, "Rumors," featuring Cardi B, which became her first filmed performance for the track.

The singer also chose to cover the song of the summer, BTS' "Butter," where she expressed her love for the boys after making her own improvised song with the group members' Jimin and V. The singer was even loud over her choice of outfit as she wore a bandeau top with a printed "VMIN" on the shirt.

All For The Positivity

Before her performance, the "Truth Hurts" singer addressed the show's host, Charlie Hedges, why she chose the song and what it meant to her.

And for the singer's response, "I love this song and love how positive [BTS's] music is," she said. "I am singing it around the house anyway so I might as well sing it on the Live Lounge."

"I'm really a sucker for people who make positive music," Lizzo later shared. The singer, later on, described the seven-membered group, "The world has fallen in love with them because they are so sweet and pure, and they're just good-hearted. I wanted to bring some more positivity into the world via their song."

"It's a great song, too. It's so funky. I hope we do it justice."

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The 'VMIN' Song

It hasn't been that long since Lizzo shared her improvised song about Jimin and V to her fans, which garnered much attention on social media.

And according to Teen Vogue, it was September 15 when Lizzo asked a pivotal question to her followers, which read, "In the studio... what should I write about?"

The tweet gained numerous responses, and in fact, it included one from a BTS fan. "Perhaps a true friendship? Like what V and Jimin have for example!" they proposed. And as a "VMIN" enthusiast, Lizzo came to serve some of her vocals.

"I love you, you love me just like Jimin loves some V. Gooey like some butter, B. Gooey like some butter, B. Say, I like you, you like me. BFFs like VMIN, G," the 33-year-old singer hummed along with some finger-snapping.

"Hey, that ain't bad," she proclaimed at the end of her 17-second clip."

Check out her stunning cover of BTS' "Butter" here:

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