Madonna's upcoming biopic is still in its early stages, but the singer already expressed her desire for a certain celebrity that could possibly portray her.

In an interview with the Associated Press during the press conference of her concert documentary film titled "Madame X," Madonna revealed that the cast hadn't been confirmed yet.

However, the "Material Girl" hitmaker has her eyes on "Midsommar" actress Florence Pugh. "She's definitely up there on the list, if she'll have me." the singer said. (via E! News)

Pugh seems perfect for the role because aside from acting, she is also a singer who goes by her stage name Flossie Rose.

The actress posts song covers on her YouTube account. She also sang backup vocals for her brother when he released the song "Midnight."

Aside from Pugh, another actress is also possible to snag the role. "Ozark" star Julia Garner is reportedly in contention to play as Madonna as she has similarities with her blonde hair and impressive voice.

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Fans Disagree With Madonna's Choice?

After Madonna's interview circulated online, many fans took to Twitter to express their dismay saying Florence Pugh isn't perfect to play the pop legend.

"Absolutely NOT!!" One fan wrote.

"Nothing against Florence, but it should be Julia Garner who's also a great actress," another fan wrote.

"I love Florence Pugh... I feel like her playing Mafonna is a disservice to her career. She is too talented to play someone less talented. Madonna was popular, doesn't mean she was good and definitely not iconic," one tweeted.

Other fans also insist that Miley Cyrus or Paris Jackson plays the role.

Madonna's Biopic Still In Its Early Stages

In the interview, Madonna said her upcoming biopic is a "visual autobiography." It seems like fans won't see the film anytime soon as the singer confirmed that she's still in the process of writing.

In addition, she's still deciding which story to tell throughout her career.

Madonna's son, David Banda, also aired his excitement over the biopic, saying it makes him feel proud.

"It's gonna be raw, it's gonna be gritty, and it's gonna be honest." Banda said regarding the film.

At the time of this writing, Madonna has not yet announced a possible release date.

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