Madonna Called Out For Posting Risqué Pictures on Instagram -- 'This Is Not An Adult Site'

Buzz 09:23AM EDT

Madonna has made news in the past for sharing risqué photos on Instagram, but the most recent ones have caused quite a stir among her fans.READ MORE


Madonna Retiring? Queen of Pop Reveals True Feelings About Performing At 63

Genres 23:33PM EDT

Madonna recently spoke about what she thinks whenever she is performing at the age of 63.READ MORE


Madonna's Kids 'Mortified' and Planning An Intervention Following Disturbing Antics

Rumors 10:00AM EDT

Do Madonna's kids think she's a bad mother?READ MORE


Madonna Wants THIS Actress To Play As Her In Upcoming Biopic But Fans Don't Approve?

Buzz 19:36PM EDT

Madonna revealed in an interview that she wants a certain actress to play as her in her upcoming biopic but fans seems to disagree with her choice.READ MORE


Madonna Causes Internet Uproar After Shocking Behavior With 26-Year-Old Boyfriend

Buzz 08:20AM EDT

Madonna has been enjoying her dating life over the past few years with her 26-year-old boyfriend but her recent Instagram post receives unpleasant comments after doing shocking things in a video.READ MORE


Madonna Lectures DaBaby Over Homophobic Comments: ‘Know Your Facts’

Buzz 08:30AM EDT

Madonna lectured DaBaby over his hateful and false remarks about HIV/AIDS and the LGBTQ community.READ MORE


Madonna's Plastic Surgery Addiction To Stay Looking Like A 25-Year-Old Forever Keeps Fans Away?

Buzz 22:04PM EDT

Do fans of Madonna hate her plastic surgery habits?READ MORE

Britney Spears, Madonna

Madonna Receives Backlash After Comparing #FreeBritney Movement To 'Slavery' [DETAILS]

Buzz 08:20AM EDT

Madonna is one of the few celebrities who are speaking against Britney Spears' conservatorship.READ MORE

Botox or IG Filter? Madonna, 62 Returns in Hot Leather Bra and Shorts on Latest Stunning Instagram Selfie

Botox or IG Filter? Madonna, 62 Looks Ageless in Hot Leather Bra and Shorts on Latest Stunning Instagram Selfie

Buzz 10:25AM EDT

Or does she just have the fountain of youth? Madonna looks stunningly ageless in latest hot selfie!READ MORE

A League of Her Own: Top 7 Movies Madonna Was In

A League of Her Own: Top 7 Movies Madonna Was In

Exclusives 06:01AM EDT

Fans might know Madonna as the "Queen of Pop" with her tendency to redefine and challenge music norms. However, she is also quite talented in acting and have appeared in a few films before. While her attempt at acting may not be as successful as the established ones, she is still out there confident to take a crack at anything she believes she can achieve and even got a few awards.READ MORE

Dua Lipa Wants Fans In Music Video for 'Levitating'

Dua Lipa Wants Fans In Music Video for 'Levitating'

Buzz 11:02AM EDT

Dua Lipa wants to make a music video featuring her fans for her electro-pop song "Levitating." In a Twitter video post, she announced that she wanted fans to take part in the creation of the official music video for the song.READ MORE

Madonna Celebrates Her Birthday Jamaican-Style

Madonna Celebrates Her Birthday Jamaican-Style

Buzz 03:54AM EDT

Madonna is spending this precious occasion with her kids and friends in Jamaica. Her rumored dancer boyfriend, Ahlamalik Williams, is also with her.READ MORE

Louder Than Words: A Timeline of Celebrities Supporting Black Lives Matter

Buzz 06:15AM EDT

With the death of George Floyd last May 25, the call for equality has once again taken the streets with the Black Lives Matter. Many people have expressed support to the movement, and some even took further steps, sharing resources.READ MORE

David Guetta

David Guetta Slammed For Honoring George Floyd with Martin Luther King Remix

Buzz 19:20PM EDT

A good intention was apparently lost in translation when EDM icon David Guetta was recently slammed as "tone deaf" as he tried to remember George Floyd by dropping a Martin Luther King Remix.READ MORE

Dead On Arrival

Rapper Killer Mike, Metalcore Band, I Prevail, Release Music Following George Floyd's Death

Buzz 03:24AM EDT

Artists turn to their medium to comment on the death of George Floyd as Killer Mike sampled lyrics from his upcoming album while metalcore act I Prevail released an updated music video, Thursday, May 28.READ MORE

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