Are Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck finally tying the knot this time?

The couple has reportedly decided on their wedding venue, and it's not going to be in the US.

According to Life & Style, the "Jenny From the Block" singer and the "Daredevil" actor will be marrying at the Four Seasons Hotel George in Paris, France.

The outlet reportedly claims that Ben popped the question to JLo during their luxurious trip in Venice, and she allegedly said yes.

The "Batman v. Superman" actor allegedly presented the singer-actress with a pear-shaped diamond engagement ring that is "bigger and more expensive" than the first ring Ben gave her more than a decade ago.

According to the outlet's sources, "They're already planning their wedding for the fall. Jennifer wants to get married in Paris and wants the whole world talking about it."

With the alleged wedding happening in France, it seems like the couple will have to shell out a lot of money to fly out their family and friends to an international destination.

But per the source, they don't have any worries about spending millions on their big day.

"Jennifer has no problem spending $10 million on the hotel, flying guests in by private jet and a French chef."

While Jennifer Lopez is doing all the wedding planning, the outlet also reported that Ben Affleck is in charge of the honeymoon.

According to the source, "Ben's in charge of the honeymoon. He's chartering a 200-foot yacht to sail them around the Caribbean."

And as for their prenuptial agreement, they reportedly are drafting an iron-clad one because of their assets and having been divorced before; this time, they want to protect themselves.


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Life & Style's claims about the reported prenup are far more different from In Touch Weekly's claims from last week, where it was revealed that the "Maid In Manhattan" actress doesn't want a prenup because she completely trusts her beau.

According to In Touch's insider, "They don't really care about getting a prenup, but those close to them do."

"Jen has been advised by her team to have a contract in place after the difficulty she had splitting her assets with Alex Rodriguez."

Though JLo and A-Rod didn't get married, they are currently having problems separating her income and assets from the former MLB star because they didn't have a prenup.

However, it's best to take these reports with a grain of salt.

There's no announcement from either Jennifer Lopez or Ben Affleck that they are getting married in the fall, and for sure, there are no plans on prenup agreements yet because they don't have plans on tying the knot.

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