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Ben Affleck, Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez Threatened by Ben Affleck's Ex Ana De Armas? Trio In For A Very Awkward Situation

Rumors 11:26AM EDT

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck have been inseparable in the last few months after splitting with their respective partners before rekindling their romance in April.READ MORE

Ben Affleck, Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez, Ben Affleck Separating This Fall -- WHY?

Rumors 14:13PM EDT

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck have been attached since their romantic reconciliation last May.READ MORE

Jennifer Lopez, Ben Affleck

Jennifer Lopez, Ben Affleck Officially Tying The Knot? Wedding Location and Other Details Revealed

Buzz 09:20AM EDT

Are Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck finally tying the knot this time?READ MORE

Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez Dodges 'Awkward' Question About Real Score With Ben Affleck On Air: 'Just Call Me'

Buzz 19:50PM EDT

Jennifer Lopez received an unexpected question about her and Ben Affleck while promoting her new song with Lin-Manuel Miranda.READ MORE

 Ne-Yo Shares a Piece of Advice for Friend J.Lo After Rekindling Flame With Ben Affleck, Says 'It doesn't Have to be Over'

Ne-Yo Talks J.Lo and Ben Affleck Reconciliation, Says 'It's Not Easy''

Buzz 14:40PM EDT

Take it from Ne-Yo, J.Lo, second chances are worth it.READ MORE

Global Citizen Together At Home

Jennifer Lopez On Life Under the Pandemic: ”It’s Not Easy”

Buzz 18:12PM EDT

The global coronavirus pandemic has forced most people to stay indoors, and Jennifer Lopez is no exception - sharing her experiences with life under the new normal.READ MORE

Puff Daddy

Diddy Dances with Ex Jennifer Lopez During his “Dance-a-Thon”

Buzz 06:06AM EDT

Sean "Diddy" Combs reunites with Jennifer Lopez and beau Alex Rodriguez in his Instagram Live "Dance-a-thon," Sunday, April 12.READ MORE

Happy Easter y'all

JLo, Justin, Miley, Andrea Bocelli & Other Stars Celebrate Easter 2020

Buzz 03:20AM EDT

Jennifer Lopez, Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus, Dolly Parton, Andrea Bocelli shared Easter their cheers.READ MORE

Jennifer Lopez is the executive producer of the inspiring show

Jennifer Lopez, Kevin Hart and Other Stars Give Money in "Thanks A Million"

Buzz 08:18AM EDT

Jennifer Lopez heads the show "Thanks A Million" on the mobile platform, Quibi.READ MORE

ON Quarantine

Jennifer Lopez's House Compared to the One in Parasite

Buzz 00:02AM EDT

Jennifer Lopez and her son are not exempted from the coronavirus pandemic and implemented quarantine measures. Her house is being compared to the one in the movie Parasite.READ MORE

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez

Jennifer Lopez Spotted With Ring On THAT Finger, Sparks Engagement Rumors

Buzz 10:09AM EDT

Jennifer Lopez sparked engagement rumors after she posted a photo of her vacation with boyfriend Alex Rodriguez on Instagram. The two have reportedly been dating since May of last year.READ MORE

Cardi B

WATCH: Cardi B Marries Her Man, Buries Him In ‘Be Careful’ Music Video

Genres 08:52AM EDT

Cardi B's music video for 'Be Careful' was finally released. In the four-minute clip, the singer played the role of both a bride and a widow.READ MORE

Jennifer Lopez

LISTEN: Jennifer Lopez Releases New Single ‘Dinero’ Featuring Cardi B, DJ Khaled

Genres 07:59AM EDT

Jennifer Lopez finally dropped her sexy, Spanish-English dance track 'Dinero.' The singer collaborated with Cardi B and DJ Khaled on her new track, which is expected to be included in her upcoming album.READ MORE

Alex Rodriguez, Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez Reveals Alex Rodriguez Texted Her From The Bathroom During Their First ‘Date’

Buzz 08:04AM EDT

Jennifer Lopez shared a delightful anecdote about the first time she and Alex Rodriguez went out on a date. The singer also narrated a story that she never told Rodriguez before.READ MORE

Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez Makes It Clear What She Wants In New Song ‘El Anillo’

Buzz 09:46AM EDT

Jennifer Lopez recently led fans to believe that she wants Alex Rodriguez to propose to her soon. The speculations intensified following the release of her new song 'El Anillo' or The Ring.READ MORE

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