Did Kanye West finally remove controversial artists DaBaby and Marilyn Manson on "Donda?"

Fans have been calling out for the Grammy award-winning rapper to get these two artists out and released their collaborations.

But recently, Kanye has dropped an updated version of the delayed "Donda" album.

Unfortunately, it wasn't DaBaby and Marilyn Manson who was released, but Chris Brown.

Chris' vocals were taken off "New Again" in one of the many alterations to the album.

Are Kanye West and Chris Brown Feuding?

The removal of the "With You" hitmaker's vocals comes a month after he lashed out on the "Jesus Is King" rapper on social media.

Following the original release of "Donda," Chris aired out his frustration and anger after finding out the verse he recorded for "New Again" didn't make it to the final cut.

On Aug. 30, Chris wrote on Instagram, "Kanye A Whole Hoe."

Several days later, Kanye's manager Abou Bu Thiam fired back at Chris' statement.

He told TMZ, "It wasn't intentional, but Ye is a producer, so his job is to find the best parts in the music and add it to his creative process."

Bu added, "He reached out to Chris. Chris is a very passionate artist, but it'll get figured it out. It's just creatives having their beefs and s--- like that. But it's all good. Chris is family to us."

Chris Brown leaked a reference mix of the verse he did for Kanye's album during the whole thing.

While the album cut only featured him on the song's chorus, the reference audio had almost a whole minute of Chris Brown singing.

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Who Else Was Removed From 'Donda?'

Chris Brown wasn't the only artist removed from the album.

KayCyy was also taken off the song for "Keep My Spirit Alive." His hook was now replaced with Kanye West's rendition.

Other minor changes have been made to the album.

"Donda" immediately landed on the top stop on the Billboard 200, making it 2021's biggest debut.

Meanwhile, Netflix has teased a multi-part documentary on Kanye's life titled "Jenn-Yuhs." According to reports, it has been in the making for about 21 years, and the steaming giant acquired the footage for $30 million.

Kanye West's documentary will be released next year, but no exact date has been revealed.

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