Lady Gaga recalled the best part of her final performance with Tony Bennett, who currently battles against Alzheimer's disease.

Since 2016, the now-95-year-old Bennett publicly talked about his progressive disease. Despite that, he chose to continue performing on stage, and Lady Gaga, fortunately, became his most recent collaborator.

In a new interview with CBS' "60 Minutes," Lady Gaga joined Bennett's family and shared touching stories and memories they have with the singer amid the debilitating disease. After their 2014 collaboration for her album "Cheek to Cheek," she reunited with him for the album "Love For Sale" before marking Bennett's last concert at Radio City Music Hall.

The CBS special heard how Lady Gaga almost broke down on stage when Bennett referred to her using her name.

According to the 35-year-old "I'll Never Love Again" hitmaker, she did not know whether Bennett knew who she is as the singer always referred to her as "sweetheart."

However, during their final show together, the Alzheimer's-stricken musician seemingly remembered her. After saying "Hey Tony!" on stage, Bennett reportedly exclaimed, "Woah, Lady Gaga! I like that!" back.

"That's the first time that Tony said my name in a long time. I had to keep it together, because we had a sold-out show, and I had a job to do. But I'll tell you when I walked out on that stage, and he said, 'It's Lady Gaga,' my friend saw me. And it was very special," she recalled.

For the last time, she asked him if she could walk him off the stage one last time, to which Bennett said, "OK."

Tony Bennett's Alzheimer's Battle

The news outlet shared the heartbreaking part of Bennett's final performance, saying that the singer had no memory of performing at the venue with Lady Gaga.

Although it broke people's hearts, the "Bad Romance" hitmaker did not see it as a sad story.

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"It's hard to watch somebody change. I think what's been beautiful about this, and what's been challenging, is to see how it affects him in some ways but to see how it doesn't affect his talent," she went on.

Bennett's son, Danny Bennett, told Variety in August that the singer would no longer perform on stage as part of his doctors' orders. While it was not singing that became the problem, Danny said that the potential risks his father might face while on tours caused his physicians to come up with that decision.

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