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Tony Bennett Achieves THIS Milestone With Lady Gaga Despite Battling Alzheimer's Disease

Buzz 23:55PM EDT

Tony Bennett recently achieved a significant world record despite his current medical condition.READ MORE

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Tony Bennett 'Unaware' Of Alzheimer's Battle: Is Singer's Status Getting Worse?

Genres 20:14PM EDT

Tony Bennett has been suffering from Alzheimer's disease for over five years, but the singer reportedly endures one unfortunate effect of the illness.READ MORE

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'Love For Sale': Old People Are Taking Over Twitter To Promote Lady Gaga, Tony Bennett's Latest Record; Are They Real?

Buzz 21:18PM EDT

Amid the release of Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett's album titled 'Love For Sale,' many accounts on Twitter that appear to be run by old ladies have been circulating; are they real?READ MORE

Lady Gaga, Tony Bennett

Lady Gaga ALMOST Broke Down After Alzheimer's-Stricken Tony Bennett Did THIS

Buzz 20:32PM EDT

Lady Gaga experienced a touching moment with Tony Bennett amid his Alzheimer's disease diagnosis.READ MORE

Does Tony Bennett Know He Has Alzheimer's? Musical Icon's Wife Reveals His Situation

Does Tony Bennett Know He Has Alzheimer's? Musical Icon's Wife Reveals His Situation

Buzz 09:07AM EDT

Tony Bennet's wife, Susan Benedetto, has given insight into his memory loss and how it affects their daily life as a couple and a family.READ MORE

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Tony Bennett Retires at 95, Fans Think This is Worth Celebrating!

Genres 21:22PM EDT

Tony Bennett has to let go of his long-time passion as he faces a new challenge in his life involving his alarming health condition.READ MORE

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Tony Bennett Cancels Upcoming Concerts Amid Concerning Health Condition

Buzz 08:08AM EDT

Tony Bennett is ready to say goodbye to performing as he cancels his upcoming concert schedules because of his concerning health condition.READ MORE

Tony Bennett 90th Birthday - Red Carpet

Lady Gaga Performs with Stevie Wonder For Tony Bennett’s 90th Birthday

Buzz 09:49AM EDT

Lady Gaga, along with other high profile celebrities such as Paul McCartney, John Travbolta, Bruce Willis and Martin Scorsese, attended the party for Tony Bennett's 90th birthday on Wednesday. But aside from celebrating with the crooner, the pop star also performed at the event and even sang a duet with Stevie Wonder.READ MORE

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Lady Gaga, Tony Bennett to Follow 'Cheek to Cheek' with Cole Porter Album

Buzz 17:37PM EDT

Tony Bennett and Lady Gaga broke through the generation gap last year with the release of their old standards-filled album Cheek to Cheek, and it looks like the unlikely duo are going to team up again for another new album. In a new interview, Bennett talked about his relationship with the American Horror Story actress and pop superstar and even hinted about another collaborative record.READ MORE

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James Taylor, Tony Bennett and Tom Petty: Longest Streaks Before A No. 1 Album

Buzz 18:08PM EDT

James Taylor is a legend. The dude's been around for nearly 50 years. He's seen fire and he's seen rain. But there was one thing that the songwriter never saw during his lengthy career in music: A no. 1 record. That finally changed this week when 'Before This World,' his first album of original material in more than 13 years, peaked at the top of the Billboard 200. That got us at Music Times wondering...what performer took the longest to get their first no. 1 album? We ranked the Top 5, from "least" years to most..including Tom Petty, Tony Bennett and more.READ MORE

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Michael Jackson, Prince and More: The Best of The Apollo's Last 30 Years

Buzz 16:38PM EDT

New York City is full of famous music venues but few if any can live up to the flory of The Apollo Theater in Harlem, which has hosted the legendary Amateur Night for more than 50 years, as well as playing host to James Brown's Live at the Apollo, which many consider to be among the greatest live albums of all time. Few realize the dark period the venue went through during the '70s and '80s however, totaling nearly ten years where the famous stage was closed. It would be bought and given a shot in the arm however, reopening during May 1985, ready again to host the rowdiest of concerts. Music Times has dug through the last 30 years to find some of the most momentous events and great concerts held at The Apollo since it reopened.READ MORE

Loretta Lynn, seemingly with no trouble in paradise.

'Trouble in Paradise': Bruce Springsteen, Loretta Lynch Tackle Theme

Buzz 15:10PM EDT

Tony Bennett went to no. 1 on the UK charts on this date 60 years ago with his performance of "Stranger in Paradise," an adaptation from the musical Kismet. The vocalist had recorded it more than two years earlier and and it took more than two years of climbing before it got to the top. Although "Stranger In Paradise" may have been one of the most successful songs about things in paradise, more performers have opted for the theme of "Trouble In Paradise," possible referencing the 1932 film classic by the same name. Check out five instances where musical performers—from Loretta Lynn to Bruce Springsteen and Huey Lewis—released songs titled "Trouble In Paradise," with none of them borrowing lyrics.READ MORE

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Tony Bennet and Bill Evans Classic Jazz Sessions to Be Released on Four-LP Vinyl Set to Mark 40th Anniversary

Buzz 11:19AM EDT

The memorable pairing of Tony Bennett and—no, not Lady Gaga—jazz pianist Bill Evans will have reached its 40th anniversary during 2015, and Fantasy Records will be reissuing the work of the two performers in the form of a four-LP set titled The Complete Tony Bennett/Bill Evans Sessions. The set will become available on April 28.READ MORE

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Tony Bennett Confirms at Least One More Lady Gaga Performance...at Pop Star's Wedding to Taylor Kinney

Buzz 09:51AM EDT

Tony Bennett has confirmed that he'll be part of the entertainment during Lady Gaga's eventual wedding, proving that when it comes to planning your nuptials, it's about who you know and not what you know.READ MORE

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7 Great Frank Sinatra Covers from Bob Dylan, Lady Gaga, Aretha Franklin, Sex Pistols and More

Buzz 15:13PM EDT

A source indicated today that Bob Dylan might be considering a second album of Frank Sinatra to accompany this year's Shadows In The Night. Sinatra was himself a master of the cover, often taking popular songs and immortalizing them with his own iconic voice, so it's sensible that plenty of others would cover Old Blue Eyes in turn. Music Times chose a brief set of our favorite tributes to one of the greatest vocalists of all time.READ MORE

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