BTS Jungkook heard the verdict of the backdoor advertisement complaint filed against him.

Last week, ARMY appealed to protect Jungkook after a citizen filed a complaint against him for allegedly promoting Six6uys Co., Ltd.'s product. The company was founded by his brother, Jeon Jung Hyun.

The aforesaid person asked the Fair Trade Commission (FTC) to give the BTS member a severe punishment for his role.

But the complaint has since been dismissed as the K-pop idol did not commit anything related to the backdoor advertisement.

In a statement to Hankyung News (via AllKpop), the FTC said that Jungkook's action could not be considered a backdoor advertisement. He also remains innocent as he never promoted the product to his fans.

"He did not mention the brand at all, therefore, it's difficult to be acknowledged as deceiving his fans. Just simply wearing a brand of clothes does not violate any fair trade criterion about backdoor advertisement," the statement went on.

The ruling means Jungkook is free from any complaints and charges, and the K-pop idol did not commit what the allegations suggested.

What Happened to the Alleged Backdoor Advertisement?

It all began when Jungkook was spotted wearing shirts from his brother's fashion brand. He mostly wore them during a V Live. He also uploaded a selfie wearing the shirt on Twitter and Weverse.

The complainant then accused him of backdoor advertisement. In South Korea, it refers to the practice of Korean celebrities wherein they promote products without disclosing their connection to a specific company.

"The Six6uys Co., Ltd. launched a clothing brand named 'GRAFFITIONMIND' in early September this year. Jungkook wore its clothing and appeared on NAVER V Live. A few days later, Jungkook posted a photo wearing the same shirt with a different color," the individual explained.

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Having Jungkook wear the clothes reportedly caused an imbalance in the market economy where there should be a fair market for everyone. Following the allegation, the K-pop star has since stepped down from his position as the in-house director of the company.

Meanwhile, BTS fans alleged that the person behind the complaint must be one of the group's anti-fans.

On Nate's website (via AllKpop), ARMY left messages against the citizen and defended Jungkook.

One fan said, "There was not a time when Jungkook advertised anything he ate. Him recommending salad is a backdoor advertisement too?"

"This is what we expected. I really question the mentality of the people who said Jungkook did backdoor advertisement," another wrote.

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