Britney Spears was rumored to be invited by Tyra Banks as a special guest on the recent "Dancing With The Stars" episode but turned it down.

The BBC Studios' television series had dedicated a whole episode for the "Baby One More Time" singer. All the contestants had to perform a routine using one of the artist's hits tracks.

Based on this article by OK! Magazine, Britney actually "wanted nothing to do with" the show. Sources from the publication revealed inside information about Tyra's offer to the superstar.

  The media personality had approached Spears regarding the topic of her appearing on "DWTS" as a cameo on the special October 4th episode. "Tyra Banks worked overtime to get Britney on the show," the insider revealed.

The Reason Britney Said No

The source continued to say that as the production's host- Banks had "tried everything to get Britney" on the segment. "She's also the show's very hands-on executive producer who is not above hitting the phones to get what she wants."

The means of getting the musician to make a surprise appearance also included hitting up and contacting Britney's manager and her fiancé.

However, the starlet was clearly uninterested in how she was spotted on another well-deserved vacation with said beau, Sam Asghari, after news about her conservatorship win last week. "Once it became clear that Britney wouldn't be stepping foot into the ballroom, producers pushed to have Britney make a special video for Tyra, but Britney passed on doing that too," shared the source.

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Britney Fans React to the News

"Dancing With The Stars" clearly did not impress Britney Spears fans as netizens made their thoughts on the show public on social media. The fact that not one song was secured with clearance rights was considered a red flag right away as sources reported that the live band was cheaper than paying for Spears' copyright. However, some fans were more focused on the atrocious Britney-inspired outfit that the host wore. This user tweeted out, "Britney Spears did not give us over two decades of excellence to be treated like this," while including a screenshot of Tyra.

Another fan had posted the same image and captioned it with "When you order Britney Spears off of Wish."

However, the performance done by Jojo Siwa seemed to blow everyone away, as seen in this post, "Jojo Siwa dancing to Britney Spears, this is all I needed."

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