Alicia Keys reveals her secret on how she boosts her confidence while slowly aging into her forties in her new documentary.

The singer has proven her worth in the music industry, and now she's aiming to become an inspiration for other women who are going through similar struggles. The 40-year old recently shared how she discovered newfound confidence this late into the game.

In partnership with YouTube, Keys officially released her docuseries titled "Noted: Alicia Keys The Untold Stories," just last Friday, wherein she delves deeper into her life.

During the first episode, the celebrity made an opening statement saying, "I like challenging myself to say exactly what I feel," which was the final outcome of her project. According to USA Today, Alicia included "her inner sanctum with fans, her close relationship with her mother, and the positive effects of turning 40" in the four-episode series.

Alicia In Her Element

The publication further questioned Alicia how her forties changed her perspective in life, to which she responded that she feels so in her "element," and comfortable in her own skin.

"It's such a freedom and strength that comes from knowing who you are and who you want to be and all the things we're all looking for and for our kindred spirits to connect. I'm loving it. I'm feeling so good. I expect it will keep getting better," the artist continued to say.

The "If I Ain't Got You" singer had also mentioned how her husband- Producer Swizz Beats, played a significant role in changing her outlook in life.

The couple initially had opposite ways on how to handle their life and careers, with the music producer being a "big dreamer" with the "ability to expect his dreams to become real," while Alicia was more of a "Let me come up with a backup plan" kind of person.

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Alicia Opens Up About Her Marriage

Ever since entering a relationship with him, Keys learned how to adapt to her husband's mindset, even dropping her old way of thinking. The starlet reiterated that "Those are the things we're taught to think or believe and now I one hundred percent expect my greatest vision for myself and my friends to come true."

This is the first time the singer-songwriter has shared something personal about her marriage with Swizz Beats to the public.

People reported that the two met each other during their teenage years and were brought together by a common friend in high school. It wasn't until they rekindled their friendship in their adult years that they started to consider seriously dating, which resulted in their 2010 Hawaiin marriage.

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