Dave Grohl had worked with Kurt Cobain when he became a drummer of "Nirvana" for three and a half years. Despite spending a short amount of time with the band, he said it made a long-lasting impact.

The drummer recently released a memoir titled "The Storyteller: Tales of Life and Music," where he details his life experience as a musician as well as a friend to the late rock legend.

According to Blue Ridge Public Radio, Grohl recalled when he first entered the band, he said they already released their first album titled "Bleach," but they needed the drummer.

He then detailed his experience when he first met Cobain in the airport while he was eating an apple. He offered his food to the late legend, but he refused because it made his "teeth bleed."

Little did he know, that short introduction to Cobain would change his life forever.

The band started traveling across the country riding a van, and it was a struggle for them. Aside from being "Nirvana's" full-time drummer, Grohl also worked at furniture warehouses, record stores, pizza shops, and more.

The musician then opened up about Cobain's death, which he considers the most challenging part of the book to write.

"He's gone, Dave," he wrote.

The band's frontman's death took a toll on Grohl's overall well-being; it turned his world upside down.

He mentioned that he couldn't listen to music on the radio for days and even avoided playing any instruments near him.

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Dave Grohl's Ray of Hope

To cope with his loss, Grohl took a trip to the Ring of Kerry in Ireland, which he considered one of his favorite places to visit whenever he needed to figure things out.

During his trip, he saw a hitchhiker in the middle of nowhere, and as he got closer, he realized that the person was wearing a Kurt Cobain t-shirt.

The situation left him emotional and made him start over again.

"And it was that moment that I decided, OK, I'm going to start over." he added.

Following this, Grohl established a new band called "Foo Fighters."

Why Did Dave Grohl Pursue Music?

In a recent interview on "The Howard Stern Show," Grohl mentioned he was heartbroken after a girl dumped him in seventh grade.

He revealed that the girl named Sandy was his first love, and it was the first time he felt that feeling.

However, things took a different direction when the girl broke up with him after a week. He took it as an inspiration and told himself that the only way to move on was to become a rockstar, which he did.

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