Life is not always about fame, and Alice Cooper also faced that fate despite his record-breaking career as a rocker.

While some musicians are still yet to publicize their sufferings and struggles, Cooper braved himself and outed the story about the darkest time in his life.

In an excerpt from his "Who I Really Am: Diary of a Vampire," the 73-year-old "Only Women Bleed" hitmaker touched on his past battle with alcohol addiction.

Per Cooper, he would always drink more before getting to the show. He also recalled that he would always look at his costume before a performance as he did not know what he needed to do to make the show successful.

"The only place I felt comfortable was onstage, so it was a nightmare getting me into my costume, getting me on stage, and once I got there, I felt great. But it was the only two hours during the day that I felt well at all," he went on.

The rocker revealed he tried getting treatments and seeing doctors fix his addiction. Unfortunately, it only got worse as nothing worked out for him.

As heartbreaking as it may sound, he both loved and hated doing the show and life. In the end, Cooper said he could be better than who he was.

Alice Cooper Almost Derailed His Future

It was not the first time he ever talked about his severe addiction in the mid-1980s.

Years ago, he told pastor Greg Laurie how his faith helped him to get sober. At that time, he bravely reminisced the time he saw himself in the mirror with his blood coming down.

At that time, he could not tell if he was just hallucinating or not. Still, he woke up following that day and told his wife, Sheryl, he was done with his struggles.

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The love of his life, in return, told him he had to prove what he had just said. After quitting substances for good, he reportedly made a deal with his wife and continued to be clean.

From there, he visited his pastor to contemplate his persona.

"I went to my pastor and I said, 'I think I've gotta quit being Alice Cooper now.' He says, 'Look where he put you. What if you're Alice Cooper, but what if you're now following Christ? ... You're a rock star, but you don't live the rock star life. Your lifestyle is now your testimony," he went on.

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