Former MOMOLAND member Daisy enjoyed a short-lived win as MLD Entertainment refused to be defeated in their legal battle.

On October 10, the Seoul Central District Court announced that it ruled in favor of Daisy in the recent trial. The hearing led to the court demanding MLD Entertainment to pay the MOMOLAND ex-member $67,000.

However, the label filed an appeal and said that they were ready to secure the case.

"As far as I know, we've already filed an appeal to the court. The appeal is in process," an insider said, per AllKpop.

Daisy's fans quickly expressed their support toward the K-pop idol amid her legal showdown.

One fan said, "mld really ruined momoland like yea we know but wow refusing to pay daisy, neglecting the remaining members, and debuting a boygroup with zero appeal..."

"okay mld time to give momoland a cb so you can earn back what you owe daisy," another added.

What Happened Between MOMOLAND Ex-Member Daisy and MLD Entertainment?

The issue is rooted in a December statement released by Daisy and her mother. At that time, she came out of her hiatus and penned a damaging statement against her agency.

She alleged that MLD Entertainment manipulated the "Finding MOMOLAND" results, causing her to be eliminated. She reportedly received an assurance that the company had a different plan for her.

The show revealed that they chose the final members through producer evaluations, online votes, and audience votes.

After eliminating Daisy, she was reportedly contacted by the agency, who told her she would debut in MOMOLAND's first album after the group's debut was over.

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In response to this, MLD released a statement and dismissed the claims about the alleged fraudulent actions.

"We terminated the contracts of eliminated trainees after the program ended, but the CEO of the agency saw Daisy's potential and recommended she stay as an agency trainee," the statement said, as quoted by SBS.

The agency hit back and accused Daisy's mother of threatening them multiple times.

Daisy's lawsuit included her explanation about how unfair it was to withhold her earnings to cover the cost they used in the total production of Finding Momoland. The agency divided the expense into 10 members, including Daisy.

The Korean idol reportedly has unpaid earnings from her agency, and she asked for an additional damage claim on top of what she already demanded from them.

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