"A Day To Remember" bassist Joshua Woodard recently released a statement saying he will be leaving the band after his previous allegations resurfaced online.

Taking to his Twitter account, the musician said he first released a statement last year to address the "false allegations" made against him.

Since it was the pandemic and he had a daughter on the way, Woodard decided to "pause legal proceedings against" his accuser once the post was removed. (read the complete statement below)

However, the allegations resurfaced over the past few days, and he mentioned that it's unfair for his bandmates to be affiliated with his situation.

"I have made the decision to step down from my position in the band as of today. I will be leaving tour to be with my family and continue defend my innocene in these matters." He wrote.

In addition, the bassist mentioned that he knows his authentic self and wholeheartedly admitted that he's not a perfect person as he knows his mistakes in life.

"I strive every day I am given to be a better person, husband, father, bandmate, and friend." He added.

Woodard concluded his statement by thanking fans who have supported and defended him amidst the allegations he's facing.

He's also sorry for those supporters who were negatively affected by the situation. He mentioned that he didn't want to leave the band, but "it is unfortunately what is best."

He went on to thank his bandmates, whom he worked with for the past 18 years.

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Joshua Woodard's Allegations

According to Loudwire, multiple women accused the musician last year of several incidents of sexual misconduct. He later denied the accusations against him.

The issue resurfaced once again after a fan named Andy Cizek brought up the bassist allegations dating back to 2010, saying the band acknowledged it. They later denied it ever happening. (read the full tweet below)

One of his alleged accusers quote-retweeted the tweet to clarify what happened to her, saying the bassist hired a private investigator to come to her home, harassed her with phone calls, and served her a lawsuit, leading the woman to hire a lawyer to respond to his petition.

Following this, Woodard's camp reportedly dismissed the lawsuit. The woman alleges that the bassist doesn't want her statement about his allegations to be publicized.

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