BLACKPINK Rose asked for her fans' help to support a "Street Woman Fighter" contestant, but not everyone saw the move as useful.

Mnet's "Street Woman Fighter" nears its final episode to hail the best crew among the contestants. Several celebrities have already picked their choices and offered their support online.

However, BLACKPINK Rose seemingly became the only one who suffered from criticisms for publicly rooting for a contestant.

On her social media accounts, the K-pop idol shared a photo of "Street Woman Fighter" Lee Jung and her crew before adding a message of support.

"Everyone, please like my friend's crew video! It's so cool," she captioned, before adding the hashtags, "Semi Final Street Woman Fighter" and "Like button must."

In response to this, internet users called out Rose for using her influence to make a crew win through the number of votes. For what it's worth, the show will hail the crew for the finals depending on the number of views and likes of the crews' videos.

With BLACKPINK's fanbase, viewers argued that promoting Lee Jung violated the fairness of the competition as BLINKs would vote for the crew just because the K-pop idol said so.

However, Rose's fans hit back and questioned why Jay Park and Kim Chung Ha did not suffer from the same fate when they also showed their support toward a particular crew publicly. Others also said that Rose's support is not influential enough to make the process unfair.

Street Woman Fighter Slams Mnet Over Voting Process

Korean internet users recently called out Mnet since setting YouTube views as one of the criteria for the voting process seems to be unfair. The competition's viewers said that some "Street Woman Fighter" crews might be at a disadvantage since they do not know anyone famous to back them.

Apart from Rose, BTS J-Hope and Wonho also named their favorite crews. People then assumed that this would boost the crews' views on the platform.

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Following the event, internet users suggested Mnet vote solely based on talent instead.

Mnet also got criticized for constantly using Chaeyeon, WANT's crew member, as the thumbnail for most of its videos since she is an idol. The company also allegedly edited Rozalin so that she looked like she was dissing a dancer from another crew.

Despite the recent issues, "Street Woman Fighter" became an in-demand show that it already planned for a spin-off long before the show ends.

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