GOT7 Mark Tuan deleted all his Instagram posts and shared a worrying cryptic message on his Story afterward.

On Tuesday, rapper Mark Tuan deleted all the pictures from his Instagram feed and shared a worrying post on his Instagram Story instead. He penned, "I'm trying my best can't you tell?" on a plain black background.

This caused his fans to worry about his health, especially since the agonizing pressure in the K-pop industry has been noticeably getting worse in the past years.

Members of GOT7's fandom, Ahgase, immediately took to Twitter and asked everyone to check on the K-pop idol.

One fan said, "I don't know what Mark Tuan problems right now but I do hope he's okay. I am worried about him. Mark, just so you know. We, Ahgase are always by your side!"


"Markie, Whatever you are going through right, I know that you will get through it. You are such a strong person. Pleade rest," another added, tagging Mark Tuan's Twitter account.

Ahgase Hoping For Different Reason

Although his move was worrying enough, some fans tried to calm everyone by reminding them how it was not the first time Mark Tuan did that.

K-pop idols usually delete their posts before their scheduled comeback. For what it's worth, Mark Tuan hinted to his fans about his new music after his February "One In A Million" collaboration with Bangladeshi-American musician Sanjoy.

In an interview with South China Morning Post, the GOT7 member shared his next plans for his solo career.

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"I think everything sounds pretty solid. I enjoy listening to my songs, but I know it's not 100 per cent perfect yet," the singer said. "Still working on it."

Mark Tuan reportedly began spending four to five days a week in the studio to complete his next return. His comment resonated with what he told Billboard in another recent interview, saying Justin Bieber currently serves as his inspiration in pursuing solo music.

Per the idol, his new music will talk about his journey and career as a K-pop idol. Through his comeback, fans will reportedly see a more personal side of him.

Aside from his solo career, Mark Tuan will soon work with GOT7 members again. His fellow member Jackson Wang told everyone that, although they left JYP Entertainment, nothing has changed in them as a group.

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