Coldplay's Phil Harvey recently revealed a behind story about their collaboration with South Korean group BTS, which became a brilliant moment for the legendary British band.

The creative director and former manager of Coldplay updated their followers regarding a story that led to their collaboration. Harvey posted on their official Twitter account, saying, "About 18 months ago, I mentioned to Chris [Martin] that some members of @BTS_twt had said they were into our band, and I'd heard a rumour they might like to collaborate."

"4 months later [Chris] called me super-excited - 'I've got the song for BTS!' - and played the demo over the phone," he also added. The 45-year-old even described it to be "one of those brilliant moments I'll always remember," sharing the experience of traveling to Seoul up to formally meeting them.

Band's Top Favorite

The BTS ARMYs have also given Harvey appreciation after he mentioned the septet's composers, stating, "RM did an amazing job with the Korean lyrics, and SUGA and j-hope totally nailed the breakdown." Apart from that, he also praised the whole seven members as they "equally blended together," admitting that with Chris', "My Universe" became their favorite song.

In a recent interview with "On Air with Ryan Seacrest," frontman Chris Martin revealed who came up with the idea of their collaboration. And for what Martin would refer to him as "Worldwide Handsome," it was BTS' Jin's suggestion to collaborate together as Coldplay has been a band that he always looked up to.

Based on Martin himself, he said, "At first I was like no way because the idea got suggested by Jin, Worldwide Handsome Jin from BTS, and I was like, 'I don't know how that could ever work?'" He even mentioned that Coldplay loved the BTS boys, "One day, the song just appeared, it was a very surreal but amazing adventure and that sounds about right!"

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Coldplay's 'Music Of The Spheres'

The British group has officially returned with their new album, "Music Of The Spheres," consisting of 12 tracks, made available on October 15.

Alongside their collaboration with BTS, the four-member band also paired with Selena Gomez for "Let Somebody Go," and We Are The King and Jacob Collier for "️."

On the most recent release, fans got surprised after a new purple-filled album art was revealed as the "My Universe" track got a BTS' SUGA's remix version.

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