Tiffany did not have a night to remember recently after losing her cool in a show in Melbourne, Florida.

On Sunday, the singer visited a new venue in the state as part of her tour. What was supposed to be one of her best nights became huge embarrassment when she failed to perform "I Think We're Alone Now" like she used to.

In a video shared by a news outlet, Tiffany can be seen struggling as she sings hoarsely and skips lyrics at several points. Some fans support her despite that, but the singer seemingly saw someone jeering that she suddenly says, "F-k you, guys. This is my hit, I'm gonna sing it right!"

"Tiffany lost her voice and was frustrated with her performance," Tiffany's spokesperson told Fox News.

Fans React To Tiffany's Performance

Following the incident, most people suggested that the singer had already lost his charm and abilities; thus, she should reportedly leave the industry already. Some also raised their concerns over Tiffany's health.

One said, "I'm aware that Tiffany is part of the "nostalgia circuit." But when you're drunk and/or strung out, and your singing is so bad that it's painful to listen to, it's time to put down the mic and go home."

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"This saddens me immensely ..When I think of her .. and the happy times that surrounded hearing her music in the day....I wish I hadn't viewed this...Hope things turn back around for her," another added.

Tiffany felt frustrated as the song, which was released in 1987, was definitely her biggest hit.

Tiffany On Performing "I Think We're Alone Now"

Before her recent performance, the singer spoke candidly about singing the hit song all these years.

According to Tiffany, remaking the song was something she has been grateful for. Although she first hit the stage at the age of 15, she considers the song as her beginning. But as more years passed, she was asked whether she ever got tired of performing "I Think We're Alone Now."

"I never get tired of performing "I Think We're Alone Now"... I was an eight-year-old girl twirling around in her bedroom in Norwalk, California, wanting to be a singer. And it happened. And "I Think We're Alone Now" led me to success around the world," she told Fox News.

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