Taylor Swift is quite the tease... Today (Aug. 4), the "Red" singer posted a mysterious 18-themed video to her official Instagram account, firing up speculation that a new album or single is on its way.

The basically three-second clip shows a very Swift-like finger repeatedly pushing an elevator button for the 18th floor. A caption of "So, here's your first clue..." has led Swifties all over the Internet to speculate on what the meaning of all this could be.

Is new music from Swift coming in 18 days? On the 18th day of August, September, October, November or December? Will a new album from Swift contain 18 tracks? Be called 18? Is a sequel to "Fifteen" on its way? The possibilities are endless, but it's all very clear that this video has to mean something!

(We here at Music Times think it means that a new album will be released on Nov. 18, a Tuesday. As Billboard points out, Swift is known for October and November release dates to get those fourth quarter numbers...)

Watch the ominous clip below and decide for yourself:

No matter what this mysterious Instagram video could mean, it has been said that a new album from Swift is on its way. In June, it was confirmed that famous pop songwriter Max Martin had worked on "most of" the follow up to Swift's 2012 record Red. "Taylor fans are going to love it," said Swift's label head Scott Borchetta, before warning about the album's poppy flare. "Will country stations play a complete pop song because it's her? No. But when she comes to town, her friends at country radio will come and see her."

The fifth studio album from Swift has no official release date or title, but there is something brewing! We just have to look for more clues.

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