Taylor Swift dropped three official clues related to new music in the past couple weeks, but if one theory is to be believed, she's been strategically placing hints on the Internet for some time now.

The singer's trio of clues included an Instagram video of her pushing "18" on an elevator, a screenshot of her smart phone wallpaper that read "5:00," and a computer screen shot of a Yahoo! search page.

Put them together, and one might be under the impression that on Aug. 18 at 5:00 p.m., Swift will be either (1) Dishing significant information on the new album, (2) Dropping a new single or (3) both.

On Monday, Swift (@taylorswift13) posted this tweet:

This information is pretty basic, and we still don't have any idea what the album will look like, sound like, etc. But one investigative Buzzfeed staffer decided to look a little deeper. Kelley Locke noticed one clue in particular that stood out: the second one, in which a Polaroid camera sits on Swift's shelf:

She also noted Swift's well-known affinity for Polaroid pictures; the singer has posted several of them on Instagram over the past year. Most notably, Swift allegedly invited a caravan of media over to her apartment last week and had them all post Polaroid snapshots of the experience on social media.

Locke's hypothesis: The new Swift single will be called "Polaroid," and it will be released on Aug. 18.

It's not bad detective work, but we'll likely need to wait a full week until we find out what the real story is. Until then, you can check out a clip from Swift's new movie, The Giver, which is due in theaters on Friday.

UPDATE: Looks like Swift has given us the answer on Twitter. On Monday, August 18, Yahoo! will host an exclusive worldwide live stream event from New York City . Tune in on Yahoo! Screen or Good Morning America at 5 p.m. EST/2 p.m. PST.

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