Did you get enough of FOX's favorite family, The Simpsons, during their 12 day marathon on FXX? Well for those of you that just answered no, then you'll be thrilled to know that another marathon is coming to FXX. In honor of the three-night Simpsons show planned at The Hollywood Bowl the network is going to host a mini-marathon featuring four hours of musical episodes.

Those of you who tune in will be treated to episodes featuring the songs "We Do — The Stonecutters Song," "See My Vest," 'Baby on Board," "Monorail Song," "Señor Burns," "Dr. Zaius," "Chimpan A to Chimpan Z," "We Put the Spring in Springfield" and "Minimum Wage Nanny." This should be a great way to hold over those diehard fans that can't travel to the live show at The Hollywood Bowl featuring Weird Al, Jon Lovitz and Conan O'Brien.

This is actually a huge year for the long-running show with a Halloween-themed episode airing in a few weeks that will have our favorite current incarnation of Simpsons meeting themselves from the early days of FOX prime time programming. In case you forgot they weren't always so perfectly drawn and have instead been totally tweaked to perfection over the last 25 years.

Did you tune in for any of FXX's original Simpsons marathon that ended over Labor Day weekend? It set major ratings records for the network which is exactly why they are still finding new ways to mix up the years of Simpsons programming that they have access to. Will you be catching any of the musical mini-marathon that begins on Sept. 11?