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Britney Spears - "...Baby One More Time" Video

11 Music Videos Set In High School

Aug 2014 16:47PM EDT

Even though I don't go to school anymore, part of me is still pretty depressed that back to school season is upon us. If you're as bummed out as I am, here are some classic music videos set at high school to help you through this tough time.READ MORE

The Ramones

7 Casting Suggestions For The Ramones Movie

Aug 2014 15:30PM EDT

Earlier this week, it was announced that Martin Scorsese would be directing a biopic about punk legends the Ramones, which is set for release in 2016. Here are some people who I think should play the movie's lead roles.READ MORE

Bruce Springsteen

7 Cover Songs That Sound Nothing Like The Original

Aug 2014 18:29PM EDT

Though most cover songs remain pretty much faithful to the original arrangement, an interesting cover song should take the basic elements of the original and build something entirely new and unique out of them. Here are seven cover songs that sound nothing like the original.READ MORE


7 Child Actors Who Turned To Music

Aug 2014 15:44PM EDT

Though there are some good examples of child actors who continued to have successful careers into their adulthood, such as Jodie Foster or Joseph Gordon-Levitt, a great number of them end up fizzling out. That's probably why these seven actors turned to music once they reached adulthood.READ MORE

Oasis - "Definitely Maybe" (1994)

Oasis' 'Definitely Maybe': 11 Songs Ranked For Its 20th Anniversary

Aug 2014 12:49PM EDT

Today, Aug. 29, marks the 20th anniversary of Oasis' debut album Definitely Maybe, and though it wasn't the first album of the Britpop movement, it did become one of its defining documents. The album would become the fastest selling debut of all time in the UK (a record later broken by Elastica and then Arctic Monkeys), and in celebration of its 20th birthday, here are the album's 11 songs ranked, from worst to best.READ MORE

Steely Dan - 'Can't Buy A Thrill' (1972)

5 Albums Named After Lyrics By Other Bands

Aug 2014 11:00AM EDT

One of my favorite types of album titles are those that are taken from the album's lyrics, but these five artists took a slightly different approach. Instead of naming their album after one of their own lyrics, they named their album after a lyric by another band entirely.READ MORE


Morrissey's 6 Meanest Quotes Ever

Aug 2014 17:24PM EDT

In a statement posted to his website yesterday, former Smiths singer Morrissey dismissed the suicide of Robin Williams, lamenting the fact that it overshadowed the passing of actress Lauren Bacall. Of course, this sentiment was completely rude and unnecessary, but it should come as no surprise to anyone who's been following Morrissey in the media over the last 30 years. Here are six of Morrissey's meanest quotes.READ MORE

Nicki Minaj

7 Musicians Who Should Get Their Own Sitcoms

Aug 2014 22:22PM EDT

With the news that Weezer's Rivers Cuomo, of all people, will be developing his own sitcom on Fox, we started thinking about some other famous musicians who should also get their own sitcoms. Here are seven musicians who we think would do a pretty good job.READ MORE

Iggy Azalea at the 2014 VMA's

VMAs 2014: 8 Things We Learned From This Year's Show

Aug 2014 16:01PM EDT

MTV's Video Music Awards is by far the most exciting, provocative, and culturally relevant awards show each year, so there's always plenty to learn from each year's broadcast. Here are eight things we learned from last night's VMA's.READ MORE

Beyoncé enters the Red Carpet at the 2014 VMAs

VMAs 2014 Best Dressed: Red Carpet Outfits We Loved Featuring Miley Cyrus, Jennifer Lopez, Iggy Azalea, Usher, And More

Aug 2014 00:34AM EDT

The MTV Video Music Awards are known for showcasing outrageous fashion. It's the one awards show where celebrities can ditch the elegant ball gowns or suits and ties and opt for something a bit more edgy. This year's edition features a mix of the cute and the crazy. Here are some of the looks we loved from the 2014 VMA Red Carpet.READ MORE

Michael Jackson - "Thriller" video

5 VMA 'Video Of The Year' Nominees That Were Robbed

Aug 2014 10:40AM EDT

This may be hard to believe, but award shows don't always make the right choice, and the Video Music Awards is certainly no exception. A lot of excellent, worthy videos have been named "Video of the Year" by MTV, but there have been some years where another video deserved the title more than the actual winner. Here are five videos that should have won Video of the Year.READ MORE

Katy Perry - "Firework" Video

5 Worst VMA Video Of The Year Winners

Aug 2014 10:38AM EDT

Many of the music videos that have won the top prize at MTV's Video Music Awards are beautiful works of art, and some of them are just plain awesome. However, there are a couple videos that will leave you wondering (at least they left me wondering) what the voters thought was so great about them. Here are the five worst VMA Video of the Year winners.READ MORE

Jeff Buckley - "Grace" (1994)

Jeff Buckley's 'Grace': 10 Songs Ranked For Its 20th Anniversary

Aug 2014 08:52AM EDT

Twenty years ago today, August 23, singer/songwriter Jeff Buckley released his only completed studio album Grace, a heavenly yet subtly psychedelic collection of covers and original songs that would introduce the music world to one of its all-time greatest vocalists. Sadly, Buckley would pass away in 1997 at age 30 before he could complete another album, but he still managed to release one classic during his short life. To celebrate the twentieth anniversary of Grace, here are the album's ten songs ranked.READ MORE

Beyonce - "Single Ladies" Video

10 Best VMA Video Of The Year Winners Of All Time

Aug 2014 08:42AM EDT

It's been thirty years since the very first Video Music Awards on MTV, which means thirty videos have been granted the award for Video of the Year. To celebrate the 30th anniversary of the VMA's, here are the best of the best, the top 10 winners of the coveted Video of the Year award.READ MORE

The Simpsons

7 Artists Influenced By The Simpsons

Aug 2014 11:50AM EDT

To celebrate FXX's massive "Every Simpsons Ever" marathon, which I will be watching as much of as I possibly can, I've compiled a list of some artists who have been influenced by The Simpsons in some way, whether it's through their band name, a song title, or even the name of their home studio.READ MORE

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