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Led Zeppelin in 1973

7 Bands That Broke Up After The Death Of A Member

Sep 2014 20:16PM EDT

Out of all the problems a band can face, the death of a member seems like it would be one of the most difficult to overcome. Here are seven bands who broke up after the death of a member.READ MORE

The Rolling Stones - "Exile On Main St." (1972)

7 Bands Whose Double Albums Were Their Best

Sep 2014 15:36PM EDT

Double albums are a tricky proposition for most artists. Though they can be fascinating listens, they tend to come off as overlong, bloated, and messy, and even some classic ones such as The Beatles' "White Album" are often criticized for being indulgent. Still, some bands pull it off, and the double albums released by these seven bands are often considered to be their best work.READ MORE

Dave Matthews

5 Artists Who Debuted With Live Albums

Sep 2014 11:51AM EDT

If an artist decides to record a live album at all, it's usually released at least a few years into their career, after they're established enough to warrant interest in how their live performances sound. However, these five artists took a more unusual route by actually debuting with live albums.READ MORE

Pity Sex

Mixtape Monday: This Week's Newest Tracks for Sharing

Sep 2014 10:29AM EDT

Each and every week we put together our favorite tracks that had premiered a few days prior into one magnificent mixtape to share with you and your friends. This time around we've decided to share new songs from LVL UP, Pity Sex, Bass Drum of Death and more right here!READ MORE

Arcade Fire - "Funeral" (2004)

Arcade Fire's 'Funeral': 10 Songs Ranked For Its 10th Anniversary

Sep 2014 12:32PM EDT

Today, Sept. 14, marks the 10th anniversary of Arcade Fire's classic debut album Funeral, whose sweeping, epic sound has proven to be a major inspiration on indie rock and even pop music in the last decade. In celebration of the anniversary of this incredible album, here are its ten songs ranked, from weakest to strongest.READ MORE

Eric Church

Country Music Calendar - Upcoming Events for the Week of September 15 to September 21, 2014

Sep 2014 22:04PM EDT

A snapshot of what's coming up in Country music next week...READ MORE

Rend Collective (2014)

Christian Music Calendar - Upcoming Events for the Week of September 15 to September 21, 2014

Sep 2014 21:07PM EDT

A snapshot of what's coming up in Christian music next week...READ MORE

The Notorious B.I.G. - "Ready to Die" (1994)

5 Best Songs From The Notorious B.I.G.'s 'Ready To Die'

Sep 2014 13:22PM EDT

Today, Sept. 13, marks the 20th anniversary of Ready To Die, the classic debut album from the Notorious B.I.G. In celebration of the anniversary of Ready To Die, here are the album's five best songs.READ MORE


No Thanks, U2: 8 Artists We'd Actually Like Free Surprise Albums From: OutKast, Kanye West, And More

Sep 2014 17:31PM EDT

Earlier this week, U2 unexpectedly released their new album Songs of Innocence for free on iTunes, making it the largest album release ever. Though this method of putting a new album into everyone's iTunes library is pretty cool and groundbreaking (and not "invasive," stop whining), there are plenty of other bands we would have rather gotten a free surprise album from than U2, who aren't exactly at the top of their game musically. Here are eight artists we would have rather gotten a free surprise album from.READ MORE

Lecrae (2013)

The Hottest Gospel Songs to End Your Work Week With

Sep 2014 20:35PM EDT

According to Billboard, these are the Top 10 Urban Gospel tunes in the nation! What a great way to end your week and start your weekend.READ MORE

Aaron Tippin

Battle of the Ink: Which Country Singer Has the Best (or Worst) Tattoos?

Sep 2014 15:27PM EDT

According to the stats, 45 million Americans have tattoos and the ink industry is alive and well, raking in an estimated $1.65 billion a year. Musicians have represented the tattoo lifestyle for decades and country singers today sport some serious ink. The question is, who has the best tattoos? Who has the worst?READ MORE

Dave Grohl of Foo Fighters

5 Cool Things Foo Fighters Could Do For Their 20th Anniversary

Sep 2014 14:27PM EDT

In a new interview with NME, Foo Fighters bassist Nate Mendel promised that the band has some "f**king cool" plans for their 20th anniversary next year. He didn't specify what any of these cool plans might be, but here are some guesses (and even some suggestions).READ MORE

My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy

9 Albums With More Than One Cover Design

Sep 2014 17:43PM EDT

Whether we like it or not, an album cover greatly influences the way we hear the music held inside of it (it's why the guitars on My Bloody Valentine's Loveless sound "pink" to me). However, there are some artists who have release albums with more than one cover design, either due to arguments with their label, legal troubles, or simply their own artistic vision. Here are nine albums with more than one cover design.READ MORE

Drake, Lil Wayne

Top 8 Drake And Lil' Wayne Collaborations

Sep 2014 13:23PM EDT

Drake and Lil' Wayne have been dropping jewels together for some time now, since around 2007 to be exact. In that time, the YMCMB label mates have collaborated on a number of hits so we took it upon ourselves to hand select Drizzy and Wayne's greatest projects.READ MORE

Taylor Swift

9 Artists Who Canceled Tours Due To Illness

Sep 2014 12:52PM EDT

Today, EDM superstar Avicii announced that he would be canceling all of his upcoming performances due to health issues, relating to surgery he received earlier this year to remove his gallbladder and appendix. Though canceling performances is an enormously difficult decision for huge pop stars, this sort of thing happens pretty often. Here are nine more artists who have canceled performances and even tours due to illness.READ MORE

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