January 19, 2018 / 10:30 PM

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VH1 You Oughta Know Live In Concert Recap: Sam Smith, Aloe Blacc, Chvrches, Bleachers, And More [WATCH]

VH1's "You Oughta Know" franchise has been highlighting artists on the rise and serving as a "who's hot" barometer since 2005. This year, for the second time, they put on the You Oughta Know Concert, hosted this year by Nicole Richie of VH1's ...

'South Park' Recap: The Gang Gets Caught in Virtual Reality Loop, and One Indian Phone Representative Holds The Key to Escape

Butters is feeling a little brave with his new virtual reality goggles. If he's actually in virtual reality.

'The Voice' Season 7 Recap & Review: Top 12 Won't Include Elyjuh Rene, Taylor Phelan After Shocking Elimination Round

The Voice is pretty heartbreaking. After weeks of getting to know a contestant, just in an instant, like that, eight are sent home. It's OK to cry if you're hurt - Gwen Stefani did. On Wednesday night (Nov. 12), the first live results show for The ...

'The Voice' Season 7 Recap & Review: Best & Worst of Live Shows Night Two from Unevenly Matched Team Pharrell & Team Gwen

The Voice season seven's live performances began last night with very consistent and solid performances from Team Adam Levine and Team Blake Shelton. Tonight (Nov. 11) was apt to be far less consistent, with the very strong Team Pharrell Williams up ...

'The Voice' Season 7 Recap & Review: Best & Worst as the Live Shows Begin with Team Adam & Team Blake

If there's one good thing to be said about the format of The Voice, it's that it changes pace incredibly frequently. We've been through blind auditions, battle rounds and the knockouts, and here it is... The Voice season seven's live shows. Tonight ...

'South Park' Recap: Stan, Satan, Terrance and Phillip Get Wrapped Up in Addictive "Freemium" Gaming

Stan becomes that one guy you know who just can't stop playing the incredibly mundane game on his cell phone. Thankfully Satan is here to help.

'The Voice' Season 7 Recap & Review: Best & Worst of the Final Knockout Rounds' Bizarre Matchups (And Taylor Swift Helps!)

The Voice season seven keeps chugging along, proving that time is but a quick illusion. Like, it's already November and stuff too. WHAT! Tonight (Nov. 3) was the final round of the knockouts, narrowing down the four teams to just five apiece and ...

'South Park' Recap: Drones, More Drones and Craig's Mom Lead to One of Season's Most Appalling (Guilty Pleasure) Allegories

Drones and personal privacy are at the core of this week's episode of 'South Park,' but a second major news story makes us feel bad for laughing.

'The Voice' Season 7 Recap & Review: Knockout Rounds Continue with Fair Battles All Around

The Voice season seven continued tonight (Oct. 28) with the help of Taylor Swift for night two of the always intense Knockout Rounds. Unlike last night's episode, which was made up largely of bizarre pairings and uneven matches, tonight felt more ...

'The Voice' Season 7 Recap & Review: Taylor Swift Visits the Show and the Knockout Rounds Feature Uneven Matches

If anyone is to complain that contestants on The Voice season seven take a backseat to the superstar judges (Adam Levine, Gwen Stefani, Pharrell Williams, Blake Shelton), then they would definitely have a case this week. Following the release of her ...

'The Voice' Season 7 Recap & Review: Battle Rounds End on High Note with Stunning Christina Aguilera Cover from Team Adam

The battle rounds for The Voice season seven finally came to a close last night (Oct. 21) with three of the more solid performances seen this year. Pharrell Williams, Blake Shelton and Adam Levine showed off the best of the rest of their teams, while ...

'The Voice' Season 7 Recap & Review: Pharrell Williams' Picks Outshine Mismatches from Team Gwen and Team Blake

It seemed like the theme for battle round three of The Voice season seven was to match up two singers who have no real business dueting with each other. With the exception of a two battles courtesy of Team Pharrell Williams and Team Adam Levine, this ...

'South Park' Recap: Timmy Uses Ridesharing to Raise Money while Cabbies and Tesla Flip Out...Cartman and Co. Take The Week Off

Timmy disrupts local cab services (and electric vehicles?) with his ridesharing service, Handi-cap.

'The Voice' Season 7 Recap & Review: Battle Rounds Two Get Tense with Close Performances

The Voice season seven continued its battle rounds Tuesday night (Oct. 14), with three neck-and-neck performances from singers on Adam Levine, Gwen Stefani and Pharrell Williams' teams. From an '80s Hall & Oates classic to a Rihanna standard, the ...

'The Voice' Season 7 Recap & Review: Battle Rounds Dominated by Team Pharrell and a Stunning "Jolene" Cover

And let the battles begin! Tonight (Oct. 13), the oftentimes controversial battle rounds of The Voice season seven kicked off... Twelve singers entered the ring but only six would leave. How very dramatic!

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