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No Drugs, No Alcohol: 4 Artists Who Stayed Clean Throughout Their Career

Exclusives 03:38AM EDT

While it has become somewhat of a statistical oddity, there are, in fact, recording artists who got through most of their life without touching alcohol or drugs. Here are four music icons who have stayed clean all throughout their careers.READ MORE

Axl Rose and Angus Young of AC/DC perform onstage at BB&T Center on August 30, 2016 in Sunrise, Florida

Guns N’ Roses’ Axl Rose Willing to Stay as AC/DC’s Vocalist After Rock or Bust Tour

Buzz 11:37AM EDT

Axl Rose of Guns N' Roses revealed that he's still willing to perform with AC/DC even after the band's Rock or Bust World Tour. According to the 54-year-old singer he'll stay with AC/DC if guitarist Angus Young still wants him to be the group's vocalist.READ MORE

Angus Young of AC/DC performs at Dodger Stadium on September 28, 2015

AC/DC’s Angus Young Talks About Retiring and Brother Malcolm’s Health

Buzz 14:21PM EDT

At 61 years old, Angus Young of AC/DC is starting to think about retiring from the band. But, he assured fans that even though he's only one of the remaining core members of the band, he's still committed to finishing the Rock or Bust world tour.READ MORE


Alice Cooper Reacts to Axl Rose Joining AC/DC, Brian Johnson Denies Being "Kicked to the Curb"

Buzz 13:34PM EDT

Following the announcement from AC/DC that Axl Rose is confirmed to be joining the band for their remaining tour to replace frontman Brian Johnson, Alice Cooper responded that he "thought it was just a joke." Meanwhile, the band's front man released a statement about his replacement.READ MORE


Former AC/DC Drummer Chris Slade Will Join Group for Grammys and 'Rock or Bust' Tour

Buzz 10:32AM EDT

After weeks of speculation on who would takeover drumming duties for Phil Rudd of AC/DC, Chris Slade has confirmed that he will join the band for its Grammy performance and Rock or Bust tour. Slade, who played with the band for a stretch in the 1990s, shared the news via Facebook. The band has yet to comment and there's no official word if Slade will be the permanent replacement. Rudd has a court date scheduled for April to deal with some legal issues, but he has stated that he wants his job back.READ MORE

Brendan O'Brien

Brendan O'Brien Talks AC/DC's 'Rock or Bust,' Producer Compares it to the Band's Last Album 'Black Ice' [LISTEN]

Buzz 20:46PM EDT

After the success of AC/DC's 2008 album, Black Ice, it was a no-brainer for the hard rock band to hire Brendan O'Brien back for their latest album, Rock or Bust. The producer spoke with Ultimate Classic Rock recently about the record, which was released in December. O'Brien talked about his favorite tune on the album as well as how long the effort took to record.READ MORE


Angus Young Describes AC/DC's Signature Style: 'We Want That Big Sound' [LISTEN]

Buzz 17:30PM EDT

Few bands have created and maintained a musical style for 40 years like AC/DC. The Austrailian rockers -- Brian Johnson, Angus Young, Malcolm Young, Cliff Williams and Phil Rudd -- took the signature sound established with former lead singer, Bon Scott, and expanded on it with albums like 'Back in Black,' 'For Those About to Rock We Salute You' and 'Black Ice.' Angus spoke with Rock FM recently about the band's brand of lean hard rockREAD MORE

Phil Rudd

Phil Rudd Gives First Interview Since November Arrest: 'I'm Going Back to Work with AC/DC'

Buzz 10:11AM EDT

Despite all his current legal issues, Phil Rudd said in his first interview since being arrested in November that he will be resuming his duties as drummer for AC/DC. The longtime percussionist was charged with threatening to kill and drug possession. A murder-for-hire charge was dropped. Rudd, who played on AC/DC's new album, Rock or Bust, told ONE News that the charges against him are 'ludicrous.'READ MORE

Angus Young

AC/DC's Angus Young Talks About Phil Rudd: 'His Behavior Has Been a Bit Strange'

Buzz 13:41PM EDT

Everything seems to be back on track for AC/DC. The same cannot be said, though, for the group's longtime drummer Phil Rudd. He was arrested in November for trying to hire a hitman and threatening to kill. The hitman charge was dropped, but he could still go to prison for the threatening to kill charge. Either way, Angus Young and Cliff Williams said in a recent interview that the band has to move forward without him. Young recalled Rudd's erratic behavior during the sessions for their 15th international studio effort, "Rock or Bust," Blabbermouth reports. "His behavior has been a bit strange," he said. "'Cause when we were doing the album, one minute he was coming, the next minute he wasn't coming. So it took quite a while to get him to the studio. When he got there, he did a great job. [But] it's not the Phil that we'd known all over the years. He knew that we were promoting the album and doing stuff [like photo and video shoots], and again he said he'd be there and no, last minute, again, he didn't show." Rudd missed his court date earlier this month. A full review of the case will occur Feb. 10.READ MORE

Brian Johnson and Angus Young of AC/DC

AC/DC Special SiriusXM Channel Goes Live November 26 in Advance of 'Rock or Bust' Release

Buzz 16:09PM EDT

AC/DC will be the next act to get its own, temporary SiriusXM channel. AC/DC Radio will air tomorrow, Nov. 26, through Sunday, Dec. 7, on Channel 25. Midway through the exclusive run, the band's new album, "Rock or Bust," will be released Dec. 2, and the station will be playing cuts from it, the band's back catalog and tunes usually heard on the Classic Rewind rock channel, Blabbermouth noted. A conversation with frontman Brian Johnson and legendary axeman Angus Young will air Thursday, Nov. 27, at 12 p.m. The Town Hall installment will have the boys answering questions about their career from a SiriusXM audience of die-hard fans. It will be moderated by producer Brendan O'Brien, who worked on "Rock or Bust" and 2008's "Black Ice." Visit the Town Hall website for more information. AC/DC dropped music videos for "Play Ball" and the title track recently, and fans can stream the new album over at iTunes in advance of its release.READ MORE

Brian Johnson and Angus Young of AC/DC

AC/DC Drop 'Rock or Bust' Video: Aussie Rockers Play for the Fans in New Clip [WATCH]

Buzz 11:33AM EDT

AC/DC's new video for the title track off their next album, "Rock or Bust," showcases what the band has been about for more than 40 years. The group, minus Malcolm Young and Phil Rudd, perform the new song to a legion of frenzied fans in the video. It has been a long journey for the Australian rock outfit, but they continue to rock just as hard as their "Back in Black" heyday. "We be a guitar band / We play across the land / Shootin' out tonight / Gonna keep you up all right," Brian Johnson sings on a glowing, circular stage in the video below. Rather then being set up on a platform above its fans, the band, like always, holds its loyal rockers above themselves in the video. Angus Young shuffles and steps in his signature schoolboy outfit like a Chuck Berry imitator. Check the clip out below.READ MORE

AC/DC's Angus Young

AC/DC Share 'Rock or Bust' Title Track, Stream the Band's Second Single Now [LISTEN]

Buzz 12:07PM EDT

AC/DC has shared its second single from the upcoming "Rock or Bust" album. The heavy title track has the Australians at their rock 'n' roll best, proving why they have been able to maintain an impressive career for more than four decades. Although guitarist Malcolm Young is not on the track and drummer Phil Rudd has a lot to deal with as of late, the group is living proof of the motto "Rock or Bust." "You hear the guitar sound / Playin' nice and loud," Brian Johnson sings with his iron lungs. "Rock you to your knees / Gonna make your destiny." The riffs are loud, the drums are earth-shattering and Angus Young's guitar work is still a marvel — head to the 1:58 mark for the traditional face-melter. AC/DC crams in so much heavy metal muscle into this three-minute rocker. Check it out below, via Blabbermouth.READ MORE


AC/DC's World-Premiere 'Rock or Bust' Listening Party Will Be Held in New York City Nov. 18

Buzz 12:38PM EDT

If you're ready to hear AC/DC's 15th studio album Rock or Bust and can't wait until its Dec. 2 release date, then head to New York City next week. The band will be premiering the album at the listening event a full two weeks ahead of its release at Webster Hall.READ MORE


AC/DC To Film Music Video In October With Fans, Snippet Of New Song Surfaces [LISTEN]

Genres 20:11PM EDT

AC/DC will be heading to London in October to film a music video for a new tune off their upcoming Rock or Bust album, and they want fans to be part of the shoot.READ MORE

Angus Young of AC/DC

8 Guitarists Who Are More Famous Than Their Lead Singers: Led Zeppelin, AC/DC, And More

Exclusives 17:36PM EDT

It's pretty common for a band's lead vocalist to be its most famous member, whether or not they actually deserve it (Ozzy Osbourne...), but there are some cases where the lead vocalist is actually outshone by the guitarist. Here are eight guitarists who are more famous than their lead singers.READ MORE

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