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Is Amal Clooney Sick of George's Friends Already?

Off-Key 14:39PM EDT

We have heard right from the start that Amal Clooney was totally different from any of the other cookie-cutter women whom George Clooney was usually linked to. Most of his relationships over the last two decades seemed to have an 18-month expiration date, and while the ladies may have been hot, they brought little else to the table. Amal, to put it simply, does not need him. She has a career, money in the bank and an established circle of friends that existed before she met George. That means she is less inclined to put up with anything his previous women might have. Let's face it: As long as George was paying for luxurious trips, all of those other women probably did not complain about much of anything. Amal, on the other hand, is different. She knew George likes to have the guys around a lot, but she is reportedly beginning to get a little tired of always entertaining his motley Hollywood crew. According to a few sources, Amal prefers to align herself with fellow lawyers, scientists and doctors, so having to sit through too many evenings with Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill is not her idea of fun.READ MORE

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Is Amal Clooney Really the Most Fascinating Person of 2014?

Off-Key 15:15PM EDT

Barbara Walters rolled out her list of "Most Fascinating People of 2014" last night, Dec. 14, and as usual there were some names on the list that were predictable. Of course, Taylor Swift made the cut after a bang-up year that saw her popularity rise even without a new guy on her arm. Names like Oprah Winfrey and Chelsea Handler were also fairly expected, but the name at the top of the list may not have been on the tip of many peoples's tongues. Amal Clooney, the woman who managed to change George Clooney's mind on just about every single thing he thought he wanted in his personal life, was named Walters's Most Fascinating Person of 2014. When it came time to introduce Clooney as her top selection, even Walters was not sure what to say. Sure, she is married to a famous man who is powerful in Hollywood, but Amal Clooney is a big deal in her own right. Her work as a human right's attorney has been praised by nearly everyone who has ever had an opportunity to work with Clooney. Declaring her fascinating just because of the man she married would have been almost a slap in the face, so Walters tread carefully.READ MORE

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'RHONJ's' Joe Giudice is Planning on Serving Wife Teresa with Divorce Papers Once She Starts Jail Term in January

Off-Key 13:13PM EDT

Well, this story comes as a bit of a surprise. Ever since Teresa Giudice was sentenced to 15 months behind bars as her punishment for her part in a slew of financial crimes, there have been rumors that once "The Real Housewives of New Jersey" star is released, she will file for divorce. Unless of course, her husband Joe Giudice beats her to the punch!READ MORE

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Is Amal Clooney Pregnant? New Photos Causing Speculation to Intensify

Off-Key 12:18PM EDT

Is that a baby bump under Amal Clooney's coat? It depends on who you ask, and if it happens to be George Clooney, then do not expect an answer because he is notoriously silent on personal matters. But these photos from the couple's night out in West Hollywood this past weekend are sure raising eyebrows this morning, Dec. 8. George broke every rule he had for himself by marrying Amal a little more than two months ago, and now we are wondering if a baby on the way might have been what lit the fire under his feet. Until dating Amal, George seemed to have his pattern down to a science. He would pick out the hottest, most itty-bitty woman he was drawn to and then he would spoil her for about 18 months. Basically, just long enough for her to believe they possibly had a future, and once topics like marriage or babies came up, George was out the door and onto the next lady. Before Amal, his women all seemed to come with an expiration date, so how did he go from that to the opposite extreme?READ MORE

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Has Kim Kardashian Already Met with High-Powered Divorce Attorney Despite Kris Jenner's Opposition?

Off-Key 12:34PM EDT

Being married to Kanye West has to be more than a little bit difficult, and from what we are hearing Kim Kardashian might just be ready to ignore her mother Kris Jenners's advice and throw in the towel. Just a few short weeks after swapping vows in May, West admitted that being married was already a challenge, and it seems that these last few months have only made things rockier between the two. West seemed to send a pretty clear message by leaving the country for Thanksgiving, but as it turns out, Kardashian may have met with a divorce attorney early in November. According to a source for Radar Online, Kardashian had an elevator blocked off so she could meet discreetly with a high-powered Los Angeles divorce attorney. Apparently, Kardashian expects that a split will get messy, and her biggest concern is the inevitable fight for custody of North West. As it is, West is saying that he intends to move to Paris and make it his permanent home beginning early next year. He is planning on bringing his daughter with him even if Kardashian wants to stay behind in L.A. This type of controlling behavior is one of the things that has reportedly driven Kardashian away from West. She assumed that once they were married things would improve, but just like in her two previous marriages, she has learned the hard way that making it legal changes nothing. In fact, if anything she has just made things more difficult. The fallout from her marriage to Kris Humphries was so disastrous that Jenner has reportedly warned her daughter that her career cannot handle another divorce.READ MORE

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'RHONJ' Teresa Giudice Sues Bankruptcy Attorney James Kridel, Blames Him for Jail Sentence

Off-Key 10:08AM EDT

Remember how Teresa Giudice stood before the judge in open court in early October and said she was ready to take full responsibility for her bad business decisions that resulted in her and husband Joe Giudice defrauding just about every business partner they have had in the last several years? Well, scratch that because it looks like Teresa was more interested in saying the right thing in the hopes of getting out of a prison stint. It did not work, as "The Real Housewives of New Jersey" star is expected to turn herself in to begin serving 15 months Jan. 5, but she has decided to play the blame game before she goes away. Teresa has filed a $5 million lawsuit against her bankruptcy attorney James Kridel, basically blaming his ineptness for her being sentenced to prison. A list of assets had been requested by the court, and while it was submitted — late — it was also missing numerous things, such as property and luxury items owned by the Giudices. When they arrived for sentencing in October, they were vilified for not reporting everything and concealing assets right up to the end, which may have been the thing that prompted the judge to throw the proverbial book at Teresa. It is also a convenient way for the reality star to shift the blame onto someone other than herself, and that is exactly what she is attempting to do with Kridel. Plus, she is now broke and still has to pay back more than $200,000 in restitution as part of her sentencing, so Teresa is really desperate to generate cash flow from wherever she can, and she knows that her options are limited.READ MORE

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New York Health Department Believes Yorkville Clinic Broke Protocol Before Giving Joan Rivers a Double Dose of Propofol to Sedate Her

Off-Key 17:43PM EDT

It sounds like New York's Department of Health and Human Services has just made Melissa Rivers's malpractice suit a whole lot easier. As we recently told you, Melissa has hired a high-powered Manhattan law firm to represent her on behalf of Joan Rivers's estate. Page Six said Joan checked herself into the Yorkville Endoscopy Clinic Aug. 28 for what was intended to be an exploitative procedure and went into cardiac arrest while sedated with Propofol. According to the agency, the clinic screwed up by not dosing Joan properly. Propofol's dosage is dependent upon a patient's weight and, apparently, Yorkville never bothered to weigh Joan. According to an explosive report by TMZ, a staff member told the New York agency that they made a mistake while inputting the proper dosage into the computer and that Joan was given double the dosage of what is safe for a woman of her size. Not only did they screw up the medication, but the report also alleges that if Joan had been as closely monitored as a patient under Propofol is supposed to be, then staffers would have realized she was starting to die right in front of them! Instead, by the time the two doctors and team of nurses in the room realized what was happening, she was already in full cardiac arrest.READ MORE

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Amber Vinson Released from Hospital after Being Declared Ebola-Free, Retains Attorney

Off-Key 15:25PM EDT

Today is no doubt one of the happiest of Amber Vinson's life, as she was discharged from Emory Hospital in Atlanta earlier today after being declared healthy. Vinson was the second Texas nurse infected with the Ebola virus after caring for Thomas Eric Duncan, who died from the illness Oct. 9. She eventually was transferred out of Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital in favor of Atlanta's Emory facility, one that had previously treated Ebola patients, and it is the excellent care she received there that eventually nursed her back to health.READ MORE

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