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Bad Religion

Against Me! Announces Fall Tour and Releases Single "Haunting, Haunted, Haunts"

Against Me! have announced a fall tour in addition to releasing their lead single “333” from their upcoming album. “333” can be counted as the premiere song from their new album, Shape Shift With Me. Shape Shift With Me will be available on ...

A Punk's Musical Guide to the New York Presidential Primary [PLAYLIST]

13 classy punk rock tunes to jam with while you're waiting on line to vote in New York

Bad Religion 2015 Tour: OFF! Added to Spring Lineup

American punk fans are getting the tour of a lifetime this spring when Bad Religion teams up with newly announced supporting act OFF! Both are legendary staples of the 1980s scene -- the latter is a supergroup formed in 2009 from members of Black ...

Rancid Shares Three-Song Music Video - 'Collision Course,' 'Honor Is All We Know,' 'Evil's My Friend' [WATCH]

California punk veterans Rancid are releasing their eighth studio album Honor Is All We Know on Oct. 27, but instead of releasing a music video for just one song, they've gone a different route and released a single music video for three of the ...

Black Sabbath, Bad Company and Kool & The Gang: Bands Who Release Songs Named After Themselves...on Self-Titled Albums

To celebrate 'Bad Company's 40th anniversary, Music Times assembled a list of other groups that have liked a title just too much not to paste it on everything.

7 Artists Who Switched Their Genre For One Album: Kanye West, George Harrison, And More

Being a musician is a dream job for many, but it can get pretty frustrating and unfulfilling to keep releasing albums that all sound alike, which is why some artists choose to briefly venture into other genres occasionally. Here are seven artists who ...

12 Album Titles That Describe The Music: R.E.M., Tom Waits, And More

A good album title should always suit or complement the music that it represents, but some artists create album titles by literally describing the music itself. Here are twelve album titles that describe the music.

6 Albums That Sound Totally Different From Their Predecessors: Springsteen, Blur, and more

Most artists worth listening to tend to slightly change up their style with each release, and sometimes this results in the artist sounding completely different today than it did when it first started (hello, Radiohead). However, some artists forego ...

Seven Albums Hated by the People Who Made Them: R.E.M., the Beatles, and more

Musicians have a very unusual relationship with the songs they write. Just like an actor doesn't sit around watching his or her own movies all day (hopefully), a musician doesn't listen to their own albums very often, for various reasons. They could ...

Bad Religion's unique take on Christmas music

Perhaps it's a bit ironic that a band called Bad Religion would make a Christmas album. But they did, and it came out on Oct. 29. The punk rockers put out Christmas Songs which includes "O Come All Ye Faithful," God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen," and ...

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