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Kris Jenner Reflects on a Moment of Passion With Ex Bruce Jenner (Caitlyn)

Off-Key 20:14PM EDT

Much has changed for Kris Jenner in her love life. Her ex-husband is now legally recognized as a woman named Caitlyn, and she has moved on to her new beau, Corey Gamble. But, a marriage that lasted as long as hers did with Jenner will definitely leave some wonderful memories left over. Jenner reflected on a moment of passion between she and the man formerly known as Bruce in what is described as an "embarassing" moment.READ MORE

Estee Lauder Model Kendall Jenner Launches Modern Muse Le Rouge At Macy's Herald Square

Kendall Jenner Knew About Caitlyn's Secret Since She Was a Kid

Off-Key 11:20AM EDT

Kendall Jenner, the second youngest daughter from the Kardashian.Jenner dynasty, has kept a low profile when it comes to drama and exposing her personal life. In a recent interview with 'Women's Wear Daily,' she spoke candidly about growing up in the spotlight and learning about her dad's, Caitlyn Jenner, secret when she was a kid.READ MORE

Kylie Jenner & Tyga

Tyga Gifts Kylie with Ferarri for 18th Birthday, Amid Reports of Financial Trouble [WATCH]

Buzz 11:54AM EDT

Sunday night for Kylie's Birthday weekend finale, the crew celebrated at West Hollywood hotspot Bootsy Bellows and Tyga was on hand to surprise his girlfriend with a brand new Ferrari with an estimated retail value of $320K, amid reports of his finances being in total disarray.READ MORE

Caitlyn Jenner - Vanity Fair Cover

Caitlyn Jenner E! Docuseries: Older Kids Refuse To Appear Fearing "Spectacle"

Off-Key 14:41PM EDT

It has been a little more than 24 hours since Caitlyn Jenner decided to reveal herself to the world and already her impact has been huge. While Bruce Jenner may have struggled with living a self-proclaimed lie that left him fighting off the paparazzi and never really connecting on a deep level with anyone, Caitlyn is already quite the opposite. Bruce Jenner was the subject of many cruel jokes over the last 18 months and thankfully, Caitlyn seems to have been welcomed and received with widespread acceptance. Her docuseries on E! Is scheduled to air this summer but we have learned, none of her older children, Burt, Brandon, Brody and Cassandra Jenner will be appearing in it.READ MORE

Bruce Jenner

Bruce Jenner Will Grace Cover of 'Vanity Fair' as a Woman This Summer

Off-Key 12:48PM EDT

There has been an awful lot of speculation regarding Bruce Jenner lately. After his one-on-one interview with Diane Sawyer aired last month the Olympic champ appeared to completely drop out of sight. In the weeks that have followed there have been rumors that Jenner went ahead and had the surgery to complete his transformation into a woman. We have also heard that he may night completely unveil his new look until his docuseries begins airing on E! Later this summer. We now do know that Jenner's introduction as a woman is going to be grand.READ MORE

Bruce Jenner and Kim Kardashian - Twitter

Ryan Seacrest Says 'About Bruce' Two-Part Special is 'Very Emotional'

Off-Key 15:41PM EDT

We told you the other day that the Kardashian's have a two-part special coming up that will focus completely on their reaction to Bruce Jenner's transformation into a woman. About Bruce will air on E! on May 17 and 18th and it will feature all sorts of conversations between Jenner and the rest of his blended family. This special is reportedly being handled by Kris Jenner and it will obviously be aimed at making the family look empathetic towards Jenner's new change in appearance and lifestyle. Executive producer, Ryan Seacrest is now saying that this special contains some heavy duty emotional content from various family members.READ MORE

Bruce and Kris Jenner

Kris Jenner Has Found a Way to Profit Off of Bruce Jenner's Sex Change

Off-Key 09:27AM EDT

Kris Jenner is apparently really scrambling to save face in the midst of her ex-husband, Bruce Jenner confirming to the world that,that for all intents and purposes, he is already a woman. In his exclusive interview with Diane Sawyer a few weeks ago, Bruce confirmed that Kris has known exactly what's up, in spite of her previous denials and he has made it very clear that from this point on his life will be presented his way. He is in complete control of his upcoming E! docuseries but leave it to Kris to still find a way to profit from the situation. On May 17, a very special two-hour episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians will focus on the entire families response to Bruce's transitioning.READ MORE

Bruce Jenner

Bruce Jenner Exercising Complete Control Over New Docuseries

Off-Key 14:15PM EDT

There's one person not liking the new-and-improved Bruce Jenner and that's his third ex-wife, Kris. She spent two decades pulling his strings and calling the shots not only in their marriage, but in his life. Now Bruce seems to be making it perfectly clear that those days are over, as he has decided to take control back in every way possible. Not only is Bruce in complete control of his upcoming docuseries, but he is also not caving in to any of Kris' requests either.READ MORE

Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato Supports Bruce Jenner: The Singer Dedicated Song To Show Support

Buzz 09:11AM EDT

Demi Lovato would like her fans to know that she supports Bruce Jenner in light of his recent ABC interview with Diane Sawyer opening up about his identity as a woman. The singer dedicated a song to Jenner.READ MORE

Bruce Jenner and Kim Kardashian - Twitter

Is Kris Jenner Lying About Not Being Contacted by ABC for Bruce Jenner Interview?

Off-Key 17:01PM EDT

Is there anyone out there that hasn't seen at least a portion of Bruce Jenner's exclusive interview with Diane Sawyer that aired last Friday night on ABC? Even if you didn't actually make time to watch the entire two hour special, you have no doubt seen clips of it somewhere by now. It was in that interview that Jenner confirmed that all of the speculation about his gender issues are justified and that he is for all intents and purposes, a woman that has spent 60-plus years in the wrong body. When the network turned to all three of Jenner's ex-wives for comments, only Kris declined to speak on the record, according to ABC.READ MORE

Bruce Jenner - Twitter

Bruce Jenner's Sex Change Scheduled as New Promo for Diane Sawyer Interview Drops

Off-Key 13:25PM EDT

According to Bruce Jenner, everything in his life up until this point has helped to prepare him for what comes next and that would be completing his transition into a woman's body. A second promo clip for Jenner's exclusive two-hour interview with Diane Sawyer has been released and in it the Olympic champion seems to be ready for his radical lifestyle change. The interview is scheduled to air on April 24, a few weeks ahead of Jenner's gender reassignment surgery.READ MORE

Bruce Jenner

Bruce Jenner Hires His Own Publicist Ahead of His Debut as a Woman

Off-Key 15:06PM EDT

Once Bruce Jenner finally decided to begin living the life that he has always wanted for himself the changes were certainly not going to be limited to just his appearance. While all of the focus has been on his physical transformation over the last year, Jenner has also had the overwhelming task of separating himself from the money-making machine that is the Kardashians. While Jenner was famous and worth a mint long before he ever met Kris Jenner, they became a brand and it's one that the Olympic champion is now taking huge steps to distance himself from her.READ MORE

Bruce and Kris Jenner

Kris Jenner Believes That Bruce Jenner's Transition Is To Spite Her

Off-Key 12:53PM EDT

Not only has it been finally confirmed that Bruce Jenner's 2-hour interview with Diane Sawyer will air on April 24, but a promo has also been released for the exclusive chat. While the whole clip is done in silhouette, it's pretty clear that Jenner's transformation into a woman will be visibly apparent and no one is less happy with this situation than his ex, Kris Jenner. It has been reported that rather than believing that the man that she spent two decades with really wants to live his life as a woman, Kris thinks this is all happening just to spite and embarrass her.READ MORE

Bruce Jenner - Twitter

Bruce Jenner to Reveal New Look, Name in Interview With Diane Sawyer in April

Off-Key 09:56AM EDT

It has been two months since we learned that Diane Sawyer was the journalist who managed to score the first interview with Bruce Jenner about his transitioning, and it now has an air date. ABC has finally announced that it will air the two hour, sit-down interview April 24. That means that after about 18 months of assumptions, jokes and insinuations, we will finally get to hear the truth from Jenner himself. He will reveal his new look and name.READ MORE

Kendall Jenner

'Us Weekly' Retracts Kendall Jenner Story About Bruce Jenner's Transition: 'I Will Always Love My Dad'

Buzz 18:17PM EDT

Kendall Jenner allegedly made some shocking comments regarding her father Bruce Jenner's transition from a man to a woman and now US Weekly has retracted a story in which she says, "I will always love my dad."READ MORE

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