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Daft Punk

6 Bands Named After Styles of Music That They Don't Play: Daft Punk, Cap'n Jazz and More

Buzz 16:32PM EDT

It is pretty lame to name your band after the style of music you play — I'm looking at you, Metallica — but these six, including Daft Punk and Cap'n Jazz, bands did just the opposite: naming themselves after styles of music they do not play.READ MORE

Julie Ruin -

7 Artists Who Changed Their Name For Their Solo Career: St. Vincent, Kathleen Hanna, And More

Exclusives 14:45PM EDT

Name recognition is an incredibly important element of the music business. If you were a member of a successful band or two, then plenty of people are going to buy your solo album simply because your name is on the front. However, these seven artists chose not to go down that route and actually changed their names once they went solo.READ MORE

Led Zeppelin -

21 Albums Known By Two (Or More) Different Names: The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, And More

Exclusives 12:55PM EDT

Though most albums are given official titles, sometimes these titled prove to inconvenient or confusing, which leads to fans referring to the album by another name entirely. Here are twenty-one albums known by at least two different names.READ MORE

Simon & Garfunkel -

6 Great Songs With Solos On Unusual Instruments: Simon & Garfunkel, The Replacements, and more

Exclusives 22:48PM EDT

In rock and pop songs, most solos are played on guitar or keyboard, though occasionally the bassist and drummer gets chances to shine. However, these six artists chose pretty unconventional instruments (for rock and pop music, anyway) to play them on. Here are six great songs with solos on unusual instruments.READ MORE

Frank Zappa playing drums

6 Incredible Artists Who Started Off As Drummers: Frank Zappa, Jack White, and more

Exclusives 07:44AM EDT

Though plenty of musicians choose one instrument when starting out and stick to it (I know I have), these six artists all started off on drums before becoming renowned for something else. Here are six incredible musicians who started off as drummers.READ MORE

The Dukes of Stratosphear -

6 Bands That Released Music Under Two Different Names: XTC, Yo La Tengo, and more

Exclusives 09:18AM EDT

In a world where the Smashing Pumpkins can tour and release music with only one original member, it's unusual to see bands change their names with only the slightest shifts in line-up or style. Here are six bands that released music under two different names.READ MORE

Big Black -

8 Great Punk Covers of Classic Songs: Minor Threat, Big Black, and more

Exclusives 12:37PM EDT

If an artist does a cover version of a song, but doesn't really change anything about it, then there's not really a point in doing it at all (listen to Seal's version of "Let's Stay Together" and tell me why it had to be made). However, these eight bands took songs by non-punk bands and put their own noisy punk spin of them.READ MORE

Bruce Springsteen -

6 Artists Who Have Reused Their Lyrics: The Smiths, Bruce Springsteen, and more

Exclusives 15:24PM EDT

A lot of artists get accused of writing the same songs over and over again (AC/DC, the Ramones...), but some artists have literally taken parts of their songs and used them twice. Here are six artists who have recycled their own lyrics.READ MORE

Green Day -

9 Incredible Albums with Awful Titles: Green Day, the Beatles and more

Exclusives 16:25PM EDT

There are some albums where everything comes together perfectly: the music, the lyrics, the cover, the title, everything. However, some of the greatest albums of all time were given titles that don't serve the music at all. Here are nine great albums that were given awful titles.READ MORE

Big Star

5 Bands Who Only Got Famous After Breaking Up: The Velvet Underground, Big Star, Slint and more

Exclusives 12:25PM EDT

Thousands of bands form every year, but unfortunately most of them don't ever achieve significant commercial success.These five bands, however, somehow managed to achieve their greatest popularity only after they had broken up.READ MORE

Blur -

7 Great Songs with Spoken Word Lyrics: Blur, Tom Waits, and more

Exclusives 14:46PM EDT

There are countless lyrics that sound totally idiotic when spoken instead of sung, but sometimes a songwriter will come up with some lyrics that can’t really be pinned onto to a melody. Here are seven great songs with spoken word lyrics.READ MORE

Ian MacKaye of Minor Threat/Fugazi

6 Artists Whose Second Band Was Superior: Jimmy Page, Ian MacKaye, and more

Exclusives 19:06PM EDT

When a musician is kicked out of a high-profile band, or if that band breaks up, they can usually be expected to start another band soon afterwards. While these bands are rarely better than the old ones (see: Wings, Big Audio Dynamite), sometimes the new band is actually better. Here are six artists whose second band was better than their first.READ MORE

Sunny Day Real Estate

Seven Cool Emo Bands with Terrible Names

Exclusives 18:59PM EDT

When I was originally putting together bands for this article, the topic was simply "Great Bands with Terrible Names," but I soon realized that a great number of the bands I had chosen were emo bands. It must be an unfortunate side effect of playing music in a genre that itself has a terrible name. Here are seven excellent emo bands that should've thought a little longer about the names they chose.READ MORE

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