Kelly Clarkson's ex-husband Brandon Blackstock agreed to have joint custody

Kelly Clarkson's ex-husband Brandon Blackstock agreed to joint custody

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Brandon Blackstock agreed to the joint legal and physical custody of his children with Kelly Clarkson.READ MORE

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Chris Rock Was Tired of Being Married, Now Faces Custody Battle

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When it was first announced that Chris Rock and his wife of 19 years, Malaak Compton-Rock, had split, it sounded like things might be as amicable as these things ever can be. It is a marriage that has had issues in the past, with the couple splitting up once before about eight years ago. Compton-Rock issued a kind of weird statement that referenced her work while confirming the split, then we heard she has been keeping the couple's two daughters from Rock and, well, this is starting to sound pretty messy. Rock reportedly filed official documents in a New Jersey court to dissolve the marriage last Tuesday, Dec. 23, and according to a report by TMZ it matters to him that people know it was his decision to pull the plug on the relationship. He is also pushing for joint custody while Compton-Rock is reportedly looking for sole custody of their children. Sources close to Rock have said that he is a great and an involved father, so much so that even while promoting his current movie, "Top Five," his work schedule had to be built around taking his daughters to school and then picking them up later in the day. That hardly sounds like the kind of guy you cut out of your kids's lives, and it kind of feels like she is trying to use the kids as a way to punish Rock, doesn't it?READ MORE

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Kim Kardashian and Kanye West Will Spend Christmas Together in L.A. After All

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After several weeks of catching negative headlines regarding his marriage to Kim Kardashian, it looks like Kanye West is taking one for the team. Rather than spend Christmas in Paris like he reportedly wanted to, West will be with his wife and daughter in L.A., celebrating with the whole Kardashian family. That certainly is not the rapper's first choice in how to spend the holiday, but after completely skipping out on Thanksgiving he probably knew he needed to make an appearance. We told you the other day that this still newly married couple was at war over where to celebrate because West was determined to drag Kardashian and little North West to Paris for a special holiday celebration. That actually makes sense because we have heard for months now that he ultimately wants to move the family to France and make it their primary residence next year. Since he loves the City of Lights so much he likely would want to spend holidays there as well.READ MORE

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Has Kim Kardashian Already Met with High-Powered Divorce Attorney Despite Kris Jenner's Opposition?

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Being married to Kanye West has to be more than a little bit difficult, and from what we are hearing Kim Kardashian might just be ready to ignore her mother Kris Jenners's advice and throw in the towel. Just a few short weeks after swapping vows in May, West admitted that being married was already a challenge, and it seems that these last few months have only made things rockier between the two. West seemed to send a pretty clear message by leaving the country for Thanksgiving, but as it turns out, Kardashian may have met with a divorce attorney early in November. According to a source for Radar Online, Kardashian had an elevator blocked off so she could meet discreetly with a high-powered Los Angeles divorce attorney. Apparently, Kardashian expects that a split will get messy, and her biggest concern is the inevitable fight for custody of North West. As it is, West is saying that he intends to move to Paris and make it his permanent home beginning early next year. He is planning on bringing his daughter with him even if Kardashian wants to stay behind in L.A. This type of controlling behavior is one of the things that has reportedly driven Kardashian away from West. She assumed that once they were married things would improve, but just like in her two previous marriages, she has learned the hard way that making it legal changes nothing. In fact, if anything she has just made things more difficult. The fallout from her marriage to Kris Humphries was so disastrous that Jenner has reportedly warned her daughter that her career cannot handle another divorce.READ MORE

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Bode Miller's Pregnant Wife Morgan Beck Puts His Baby Mama Sara McKenna on Blast in Pregnancy Chat Room

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Bode Miller is not exactly having an easy time right now. It was confirmed this week by the (New York) Daily News that he will undergo back surgery next Monday, Nov. 24, in California to repair a disc that has interfered with the normal use of his left leg. Miler hopes for a return to the slopes next January, but will spend the next few months rehabbing at home with his newly pregnant wife Morgan Beck. She, like many other pregnant women, decided to wander into a pregnancy chat room on thebump.com and it did not take long before she began sharing ... perhaps a little too much. Beck apparently goes by the screen name "2015mamatobe," which features a picture of her and Miller. At one point, Beck actually posted under her name, saying, "Girls do crazy things for money ... including taking condoms out of trash cans and locking themselves in a bathroom," which seemed to be taken as a direct dig at Miller's ex Sara McKenna, who has an 18-month-old son with the champion skier.READ MORE

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Amber Rose Files for Divorce from Wiz Khalifa to Be with Nick Cannon: Reports

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After a few days of rumors and speculation, it has been confirmed that Amber Rose has filed for divorce from longtime love Wiz Khalifa.READ MORE

Usher's Son In Hospital: Photos Of Usher Raymond V After Pool Accident, Mother Filing For Custody

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As we reported earlier this week, Usher's son, Usher Raymond V, is currently in the ICU of an Atlanta hospital after suffering a freak accident and nearly drowning in the swimming pool behind Usher's home. Now, we have the first...READ MORE

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