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Donald Trump

The Republican Party is Facing its Biggest Challenge Yet: The Future

After a splintering of factions illuminated in the primary process for the Republican nomination, many are wondering what the future of the party will look like.

Miss Universe 2015 Doesn't Want to Share Her Crown With Wrong Winner Miss Colombia

On Sunday (Dec. 20), Filipina model and actress Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach was officially crowned Miss Universe 2015, after the title was mistakenly given to Miss Colombia, Ariadna Gutierrez, first. Although the shocking mishap has been resolved, talk of ...

British Government Responds to Petition Banning Donald Trump from Country

The British Government has given an inconclusive answer regarding a petition that asks that Donald Trump be barred from entering the UK.

Republican Presidential Candidates Prepare for a New Influx of Attack Ads

As the Iowa Caucus draws nearer, Republican Presidential candidates are hoping to differentiate themselves from the crowded field through the use of attack ads.

Donald Trump Not Fazed By Image in Terror-Recruit Video: 'What Am I Gonna Do?'

Donald Trump shrugged off his appearance in a video used to recruit terrorists to the Shabab, an Al Qaeda affiliate. “What am I going to do?” said the presidential candidate.

Tyrese Shares Open Letter to Donald Trump, Compares Presidential Candidate to Hitler

Since announcing his bid for presidency, Donald Trump has rubbed more than a few people the wrong way with his viewpoints. Black Rose singer Tyrese recently shared an open letter, comparing the presidential candidate to Adolf Hitler.

Donald Trump is Given Politifact's 'Lie of The Year' Award and Quickly Bites Back

Donald Trump was given the "Lie of the Year" award for the multitude of things he has stated throughout his presidential campaign that turned out to be false. Politifact could not pick one lie, and simply gave the award to Trump himself.

Russell Simmons and Others Back Away From Donald Trump as His Notoriety Continues

Donald Trump's rise to the top of the Republican heap has many of his African-American, celebrity friends attempting to distance themselves from his remarks. Among these icons include Hip Hop mogul Russell Simmons.

Jeb Bush Attacks Donald Trump on New Route to the Presidency

Jeb Bush, who is polling very low and trying desperately to win the Republican nomination, has changed his tone and begun to assail the aggressive front runner, Donald Trump.

Rick Ross' 'Black Market' Album No Longer Sold at Walmart Over Donald Trump Lyric

Rick Ross’ 'Black Market' album has been on sale since early December, but one retailer has decided to pull the release from its inventory. Various sources indicate that Ross’ latest album is no longer being sold at Walmart over a lyric ...

Donald Trump is the Grinch in College Humor 'You're A Mean One, Mr. Trump' Parody Song

Following a GOP primary debate this week, Donald Trump remains the lead candidate in the Republican party in a campaign full of controversial and dangerous rhetoric, causing College Humor to take a shot at him with a new video comparing him to the ...

#WeAreAllMuslim Michael Moore Responds To Controversy over Trump's Comments With Pledge

Michael Moore penned an impassioned plea to all Americans to stand in unity with Muslims, minorities, and any oppressed peoples in the world.

GOP Debate Highlights: Who Were the Winners and the Losers?

Tuesday night's debate was an illuminating example of which candidates will be most viable in the general election, and will go on to win the Republican nomination. Jeb Bush increased his standings, while many candidate's reinforced preexisting ...

Donald Trump Called a "Loser" by Former Scottish First Minister After Windfarm Plea is Nixed

Donald Trump has long been pressing Scottish authorities to dissallow the construction of a windfarm within the vantage point of a golf course and resort on one of the country's most beautiful landscape. Today, five British judges decreed that those ...

Who Is Really Vying For the Republican Nomination, Ted Cruz or Marco Rubio?

While Donald Trump leads in nearly every poll of possible Republican poll, and Jeb Bush was generally considered the establishment favorite, it now appears that the two most viable contenders for the Republican nomination are Ted Cruz and Marco ...

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