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Say Yes! A Tribute to Elliott Smith

Julien Baker Covers Elliott Smith's 'Ballad Of Big Nothing' for Tribute Album [LISTEN]

Buzz 11:29AM EDT

Julien Baker covers "Ballad of Big Nothing" for 'Say Yes! A Tribute to Elliott Smith' out later this year. Listen to the heartbreaking song here.READ MORE

'Heaven Adores You' OST, Elliott Smith documentary

Listen to Rare, Unreleased Elliott Smith Songs from 'Heaven Adores You' Documentary Soundtrack

Buzz 11:54AM EDT

The soundtrack to Heaven Adores You, the critically acclaimed documentary about tortured musical artist Elliott Smith, features a number of rare and unreleased tracks recording by the late singer-songwriter. It has a release date set for Feb. 5, 2016, so the people behind the documentary are sharing some of these songs this week online. You can listen to an unreleased, solo version of "Plainclothes Man," a song from Smith's former band Heatmiser, and a rare track entitled "True Love," both off of the new soundtrack, below.READ MORE

Jack Black

Jack Black Recalls Forgetting Words to Elliott Smith Cover 'Say Yes' [WATCH]

Buzz 15:35PM EDT

Jack Black--comedian, performer, musician, failed Elliott Smith cover artist? The Goosebumps star recently recalled an awkward performance from a 2013 Elliott Smith tribute concert in Los Angeles, calling the embarrassing incident a "fiasco."READ MORE

Elliott Smith

Elliott Smith Documentary 'Heaven Adores You' Soundtrack WIll Feature Unreleased Music

Buzz 08:35AM EDT

The forthcoming re-release of the documentary Heaven Adores You, which tells the story of the late singer-songwriter Elliott Smith sets to include a number of previously unheard tracks by the Nebraska native. Originaly released in 2014 at the San Francisco International Film Festival, the documentary is scheduled to premier later this year the film produced by Kevin Moyer, a friend of the late Smith, shared details about the soundtrack's progress earlier this week.READ MORE

Elliott Smith

'Heaven Adores You' Clip Details Elliott Smith's Quick Rise to Fame [WATCH]

Buzz 20:27PM EDT

The Nikolas Rossi-directed film, 'Heaven Adores You,' details the life of the deceased singer songwriter, Elliott Smith. The project is due out on DVD, Blue-ray and digital formats on July 17. Rolling Stone gives anxious fans an inside look at an informational clip that strings together some of over 30 interviews with Smith's closest friends, family members and collaborators.READ MORE

Elliott Smith

Elliott Smith Documentary 'Heaven Adores You' to be Released on DVD

Buzz 18:26PM EDT

The limited theatrical release of the Elliott Smith documentary, "Heaven Adores You," kicked off on May 7. It was announced today that the film will be available on Blu Ray and DVD on July 17 via Eagle Rock Entertainment.READ MORE

Seth Avett

Seth Avett, Jessica Lea Mayfield Announce Tour Dates in Support of Elliott Smith Covers Album

Buzz 13:49PM EDT

When news broke that Seth Avett and Jessica Lea Mayfield were dropping an entire album of Elliott Smith covers, our first question was, "When are they coming to town?" The answer is "soon."READ MORE

Seth Avett

Elliott Smith Tribute Album from Seth Avett & Jessica Lea Mayfield Due for March Release

Buzz 13:22PM EDT

It's been over 11 years since Elliott Smith tragically passed away, and now the "Miss Misery" singer is getting his due with a tribute album. Yesterday (Jan. 7), it was announced that The Avett Brothers' Scott Avett and singer-songwriter Jessica Lea Mayfield will be releasing a tribute album for the late Smith, fittingly titled Seth Avett & Jessica Lea Mayfield Sing Eliott Smith.READ MORE

Modest Mouse -

7 Indie Bands Who Had Incredible Major Label Debuts: Green Day, Modest Mouse and More

Buzz 08:40AM EDT

A major label deal may seem like a dream come true for any musician, but for many independently minded artists, major labels have often suppressed their true creative voices, resulting in sub-par work. These seven artists, however, still managed to deliver incredibly strong albums for their major label debuts.READ MORE

Jenny Lewis

Jenny Lewis, Conor Oberst Recorded Album Together 11 Years Ago Called 'Blood on the 4-Tracks,' Discuss Releasing It [WATCH]

Buzz 14:36PM EDT

In an interview with "Noisey" — it is more like a filmed conversation, really — Jenny Lewis of Rilo Kiley and Conor Oberst of Bright Eyes revealed that 11 years ago they recorded an album called "Blood on the 4-Tracks." Though some of the songs recorded for this album eventually turned up on Bright Eyes and Rilo Kiley albums, the complete album has never seen the light of day, and they recently discussed releasing it.READ MORE

The Smiths - 'Shoplifters of the World Unite'

7 Album Covers With Musicians Who Aren't On The Album: The Beatles, The Smiths, And More

Exclusives 11:56AM EDT

Putting yourself on your own album cover is a pretty simple concept: if people see you on the cover, they'll assume you're the person singing on the album. However, these seven artists included musicians on their album covers that didn't appear in the album at all.READ MORE

Elliott Smith

Elliott Smith's Unreleased Track "Ocean" Surfaces As 'Heaven Adores You' Documentary Hits Festival Circuit [LISTEN]

Trending News 13:25PM EDT

A previously unheard track from the late Elliott Smith has surfaced, written when the singer was only 14 years old. Titled "Ocean," the track was discovered during the making of Heaven Adores You, a Nickolas Rossi-directed documentary about Smith that features archival footage and unreleased music. The track premiered on Portland Radio Project when the film's producer and longtime Smith associate Kevin Moyer stopped by for an interview (listen to the song at the 32-minute mark).READ MORE

Beyonce -

12 Self-Titled Albums That Aren't Debuts: Beyoncé, The Beatles And More

Exclusives 20:02PM EDT

Self-titled albums are pretty standard for musicians, but they're almost always an artist's debut album, establishing a brand and a presence. There are some artists, however, who decide for whatever reason to release self-titled albums later on in their career. Here are 12 self-titled albums that aren't debuts.READ MORE

Jeff Buckley -

5 Unfinished Albums That Were Released Anyway: The Beach Boys, Jeff Buckley, And More

Exclusives 16:26PM EDT

There are probably thousands of unfinished albums out in the world right now that will never see the light of day. As someone who lives for music, this is a scary thought, since some of those could be classics that noboby will ever get to hear for one reason or another. These five artists don't have that problem, though, as their unfinished albums ended up being released anyway.READ MORE

Morrissey -

8 Album Covers With A Photo Of Someone Other Than The Artist: Miles Davis, Morrissey, And More

Exclusives 14:22PM EDT

When looking at an album in a record store, it's reasonable to assume that the person on the cover is the person who actually made the album. However, that isn't the case with these eight albums, which feature a photo of someone else entirely.READ MORE

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